More than good enough to love

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Romans 8:1

Mistakes are made consistently. We fail to measure up in someone’s eyes. We forget something major and have to apologize and make amends. We will never be good enough by worldly standards, but God says you are more than good enough. He created you. We all have our journey with Christ that ought not include man’s opinion or comparisons. We are always “working out our salvation” until the day of Christ’s return. When we spend so much time on “what ifs?” and “If I just would have…” we can’t spend time envisioning the future that God has planned. We spend more time trying to please or understand the critic than trusting God that He works all things together for our good.

My mother shared a verse with me tonight. She shared what Jesus told the disciples during the Passover.

John 13:34 A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

When the critics come, when you are persecuted for your beliefs, and when you find yourself exactly where you hoped you wouldn’t be again in a relationship–love as Jesus loves you. You are His disciple. He does not condemn you. He calls you to live in the freedom of His love so that you can freely love others. When you grasp the depths of your worth in Jesus’ work on the cross, you are more capable of loving others and not condemning them.

I love the word “new”. Is Jesus calling us to try something new? There are so many verses in which God proclaims that “He is doing a new thing!” or “He renews our strength!” Believe today, no matter how hurt or frustrated, that He can begin a new work in you to love as He has loved. Make it a plan to read more of God’s love letter to you–His Word, the Bible. He truly loves you!

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  1. LeeAnn Murray says:

    Amen ❤

    Anna, I really enjoy reading your posts. I'm thanking God for you today.

    Hugs, LeeAnn

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    1. Hugs to you LeeAnn! Praise God! My heart is filled with thanksgiving and sweetness from your prayers and friendship. It means the world to me–truly! It came at just the right time. Amen.


  2. Pat Crockett says:

    I’m just now getting round to reading Tuesday’s entry……..know why? Because today is the day I needed it. Thanks Anna. You are really good at this but most of all you have your heart tuned to God so that He can use your talents in a mighty way. Thanks you for that. Thank you for encouraging me.


    1. Dear Pat,
      I love the way God’s timing works. I truly believe His timing is yet another way He shows His love and presence in our lives. Just when we need things most, He shows up. Praying for you sweet sister, and thank you, for the encouraging words.


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