Disorganized or God-ordained?

Remember all the times you’ve placed something just where you knew you would not forget, and you forgot?  How about when someone does that for you, and you don’t even know they did?

God in his infinite wisdom, humor, and timing caused a “happening” over time in my life.  I just had to roll with it.  The Holy Spirit during prayer time prompted me to have a Starbucks coffee moment with my friend Kim.  I’m so glad I did, because God knew I needed her words of wisdom and prayers.  We become connected through wonderful things in which she teaches my youngest in AWANA, leadership in a ministry we both share, and friendship.  She’s busy.  I’m busy. But, God intertwines us through His Spirit.

I see her at an event and she asks about a Christmas card that she sent me with the most beautiful necklace she made.  She happen to mention it, because I remarked on the same necklace she was wearing at the event.  This necklace has our Woman of Worth Mentoring Ministries Logo on it.  I’m dumbfounded because I did not receive the card.  Well, so I thought.

This week –a month later–I find her card.  Someone graciously cleaned my kitchen and put the card with some cookbooks!  I laughed, smiled, and rejoiced.  What a blessing to open up her card and see her precious family and words of encouragement.  I needed it then.


The most amazing thing is that when we thought perhaps the letter was lost in the mail, she took off her necklace at the event and gave me hers.  A beautiful, giving woman of God, who lifted me up in friendship and love.

Things get lost, we are busy, and life ticks along; yet, moment upon moment builds and kindness can be our gift.

Gentle kindness…..

Thank you sweet friend…..

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