Only You: A Note from Rusty Rustenbach

A Guide for Listening and Inner-Healing Prayer: Meeting God in the Broken Places by Rusty Rustenbach has been a great Bible study to heal broken places and learn to listen to God through quiet time and prayer.  For those of you who purchased the book, I was amazed to find a forum created by Rusty with his personal touch and response to your healing process.  Below is the link to his forum, and a message he sent me after sharing a Listening prayer with him.  It’s amazing how God has brought meaningful details to help a larger work/healing through so many resources and people!  Thank you God! I especially like his storyboard section in which you can use for personal reflection or in group studies!  I love this forum!  I hope you can dig deeper as you read his book.

Forum Link:

A note from Rusty:

“I want to hear from You and only You.” As I was listening, a love song from the 50’s came to mind by the Platter’s.  I looked it up and listened to it on YouTube. This part of the song really spoke to me:

“Only You can make this world seem right – only You can make the darkness bright. Only You and You alone can thrill me like You do – and fill my heart with love for You.”

Here’s the YouTube link to this song:

I realize now that the love I used to long for as an empty and lost teenager was really a longing for the only love that can deeply satisfy – the love of God! Later I journaled:
“Oh, my Three-in-One, You are the only real and true love of my life – all the others pale in comparison to You and I worship You, bow before You, and Joy in You.”

Thanks again for sharing your stories of healing.

Belonging to Him,


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