A Fresh Encounter

Sometimes in our Christian walk we become apathetic, complacent, or in automaticity.  Status quo seems good enough.  In some cases, we are exhausted or burnt out, so we hesitate to long for much.  Longing brings disappointment.

After hearing a great sermon on “A Fresh Encounter With God” by Charles Stanley, I realized how commonplace I had become.  Most of us are comfortable with the word God.  “God be with us.”  But, when the name of Jesus is spoken in such a way that His name is conveyed that we encountered Him–He healed us, spoke to us, nurtured us– folks fidget or become unresponsive.  Why?  Why do we resist drawing close to Jesus?

There is no magical way of encountering Him.  He lives inside of you when you said, “Yes” to Him.  He is there waiting to answer and for you to encounter Him–

Encounter defined: to come upon or meet with, especially unexpectedly: to encounter a new situation

The simplicity of encountering Jesus is this– making time for Him.  He competes with your music, family, friends,  job, hobbies, fears, worries, entertainment, ………

How can we encounter if we don’t meet with Him in silence and reverence?

I pray a FRESH encounter with the One who loves you most—JESUS

Charles Stanley’s Sermon:


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