Tell it like it (really) is…

Your husband.  He is many things to you.  Be honest, how often do you concentrate on the unmet expectations? Those two words together–unmet expectations– are harsh; yet, the unspoken reality in which we operate often. At service on Sunday, the pastor was talking about some great stuff for couples, but within the scripture God took my mind away on a soul journey. I love it when that happens!

In Song of Solomon friends ask the bride”what’s so great about your husband?”  We may never be asked that directly, but we often get in crowds in which opportunity arises to share just how we feel about our mate.  You have so many reasons to be offended and irritated every day–am I right? But, will you linger there, or praise God for the goodness–the expectations your mate is meeting?

Song of Solomon


9 What is your beloved more than another beloved,
O most beautiful among women?
What is your beloved more than another beloved,
that you thus adjure us?

The Bride Praises Her Beloved


10 My beloved is radiant and ruddy,
distinguished among ten thousand.
11 His head is the finest gold;
his locks are wavy,
black as a raven.
12 His eyes are like doves
beside streams of water,
bathed in milk,
sitting beside a full pool.
13 His cheeks are like beds of spices,
mounds of sweet-smelling herbs.
His lips are lilies,
dripping liquid myrrh.
14 His arms are rods of gold,
set with jewels.
His body is polished ivory,
bedecked with sapphires.
15 His legs are alabaster columns,
set on bases of gold.
His appearance is like Lebanon,
choice as the cedars.
16 His mouth is most sweet,
and he is altogether desirable.
This is my beloved and this is my friend,
O daughters of Jerusalem.

Can you imagine the bridge of love if you spoke this over your mate?  Start today—read this to him.  Tell those girlfriends–“This is MY beloved and this is MY friend, O daughters—ALL MINE!”

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  1. Victoria says:

    Amen amen and amen! Unconditional love is amazing. And choosing to look beyond the imperfections of another (especially the one you have chosen for life) is a daily act of love and choice. The only one who can fully meet our expectations is God. Thanks for sharing this mama! I love you!


    1. Victoria–How beautiful it is to have my daughter realize the truth of God’s Word and apply it to her life! I love you!


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