The Mountain of God

Reflections from Priscilla Shirer, One in a Million, Chapter 10

God is taking you to a new level.  You’ve had confirmation and set backs.  The destination of this new level seems so out of reach, and your progress seems, well, stagnant and confusing.  You start to question.  After reading chapter 10 several times and discussing its personal meaning with my husband, I realized that camping out at the mountain of God IS “Far and Near” (the title of the chapter).

The Israelites were instructed to pitch their tents and camp for an extended time at the foot of the mountain–“the mountain of God”; and He would speak to them–come to them.  It wasn’t the promised land that God was leading them to, but it was a time near to God and His voice.

I’d rather be camped at the foot of the mountain than hiding in a bush.  My husband argued a point that they were promised this land of milk and honey.  Oh yes, but aren’t we longing for our promised land–heaven?  Until that time, I want to be camped out at the foot of God’s mountain listening to His voice.  I could hide and ignore because of pain, shame, bitterness, or apathy.  I could skip out and make sure I pack light and not pitch the tent as God commanded them to do.  I could find a nice cool spring somewhere and fill my days with activities that distract and pull me away from His voice.

Whenever God speaks to my soul, He gives me pictures in my mind’s eye.  I envision this beautiful mountain that seems impossible to climb, move, or fathom, but there I am with my family, camped out, trusting and listening to Him.

“Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord.  Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.”

Psalm 5:3

I want to wait expectantly for God to redeem and restore.  Think of it.  Time has proven God’s Word and ways to be true…

Psalm 139

Look deep into my heart, God,
    and find out everything
    I am thinking.
Don’t let me follow evil ways,
    but lead me in the way
    that time has proven true.

Go back over your life and consider how time has proven His truth.  As you pitch your tent to stay at the foot of the mountain, listen to His voice.   Allow God to look deep into your heart and do a work.  All the work is required for where He is taking you–the promised land.

Did you know that the “mountain of God”, Mount Sinai, was the same mountain that Moses experienced the burning bush and call of God as well as the 10 Commandments!  What a great place to start as a family this summer.  My mom gave me a book years ago called The Ten(der) Commandments.  A great summer Bible Study for our family as we camp out.


Ordering Book:–Commandments-Reflections-Fathers-Love/dp/1576733041/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1403272214&sr=1-2&keywords=the+tender+commandments


Synopsis of Book:


The Ten Commandments are often portrayed as ominous warnings — cold, harsh words from an all-powerful and vengeful God. This paperback release of the popular hardback The Tender Commandments recasts them as messages of love — ten declarations of our Creator’s love for us. Pastor and Gold Medallion award-winning author Ron Mehl interprets the Ten Commandments as guiding steps that can keep us from being bruised and broken by the deadly traps of a fallen world. He shows how, rather than running into the same brick walls of life, clawing helplessly up the same impassable sandbanks, we can be led by God’s guiding Hand and walk through life with confidence.



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