Summer Cleaning with Jesus

Oh Glorious moments with Jesus!  When He shows up–He shows up!  And, for some reason, He shows up in the mundane, every-day life.  I’m cleaning.  I’m doing the type of cleaning that you find dust bunnies and carry on a conversation with them.  The cleaning that you find stuff you need, and praise God you don’t have to go buy it. The cleaning that you find expiration dates from 2012.  So I find this dusty old suitcase way back in my closet and open it up.  Years of memories poured forth.  I can’t tell you all the hidden places it opened, but I want to tell you that I found a letter written to me when I was in my 20’s.  It was from my mom. Here I am 48 years old–the same age she was when she wrote it.  It brings together pieces in my mind, and God starts talking to me.  I start praying.  The song, “You are stronger!  You are stronger! Christ is Risen!  He has Risen!” comes on, and I’m worshiping with the dust bunnies. Literally this falls out of my box as I’m singing…..

My husband reminded me of his emphasis on knowing Jesus in our “every day life!” Praise God!

A letter from my husband.  Literally as the woman was singing “He is Risen!”  I read my husband’s same message to me.  My husband’s love for Jesus and our family gives me strength.

I am stronger because of Jesus.  I am stronger because of my personal journey, and Jesus’ work in my life–and in this moment, He showed up in ways that are too sacred to write about.

As I turned, I found this…

To: Anna and Victoria for Victoria’s Wedding (From Aunt Adell, my mother’s sister)

My heart cried out to Jesus who comforted me.  He reminded me of so many things.  Honestly, He shared the good with the hurt.  Hurt and pain will always exist.  My mom, in the letter, reminded me, during a very difficult time in our family, to trust God in all seasons and all the changes.  His grace is sufficient and enough to carry us.  It was hard to read that letter. Years past and memories brought forth.  It was also comforting to read knowing that God is timeless. He knew I would be in my bedroom reading this letter before time began.  He knows every second of my life, and His grace overflows in ways that bring us the courage to carry on–become stronger–even when we feel insecure or wayward.

Moms….through all generations…..

Great-Grandmother, Veora Pierce–her handkerchief

Grandmother, Louise–letters of her journey and grace

Mom, Anna–carrying the legacy of grace to her children

Daughter, Victoria–the bride

Sweet Victoria,

One day you’ll be 48 and find letters written, pictures, and stories from your loved ones.  I pray God gives you those amazing moments that catch you by surprise, take your breath away, and bring you to your knees in worship!  And, if ever you read of our hurts and struggles, I pray you, too, remember, as my mom wrote, His grace is with you through it all.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.  2 Corinthians 12:9







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  1. My husband reminded me from the letter his emphasis on “we can celebrate that today…and every day” God IS ever present!


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