Little Things Matter

It’s the little things in life that are big to me.  God delivers us and heals our afflictions; yet, I find the greatest joy in how He talks to us through daily events.  Simple gestures that let you know He is right there. As I headed to work to read to a child who was struggling with adjustment and behaviors in summer school, I thought how wonderful it would be to read to her Who Moved My Cheese?  (Great book!)

With limited time to find the book or seek out who might have it, I just told myself that whatever book is in the office, we will read.  The Assistant Principal had a bookshelf of books for children. When the student reached for a book, I smiled when she said, “I want to read this one!”  Thank you Jesus for providing. The book proved to be the perfect one for her situation, and to be honest, mine too.  I learned so much from reading to her and chatting about life along the way.

That same night I was struggling with decisions of the mind and soul–changing of  a mind-set for my family as their mother, and as a wife.  My daughters and I went to our local library to find summer reading books and DVDs to watch. I took a call outside the library.  As I looked down on the ground to the entrance of the library was a letter magnet -“V”

I smiled.  My three daughters’ names start with “V”.  My heart was reminded of my role of mother, and the importance of my responsibilities and the change of mind-set that I was seeking.

There are no coincidences.  I believe that God who is all-knowing and ever-present uses our daily walk to encounter Him.  We can choose to see this encounter and seek Him.  When we stop believing in random, we can start building our faith on a Father who cares about the smallest of details.  So, I think of the child who accidentally dropped the letter, or the assistant principal who bought that book, perhaps years ago, it’s all in His plan and weaving.  It makes me stop and wonder about the smallest of decisions I make on a daily basis and how God uses them to encourage others.  It all matters to Him.

Spend today in worship!  How is God showing you that He is right there beside you?




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