Engagement Party

An engagement party can be fun and a great way to bring both sides of the families together. We turned my oldest daughter’s birthday celebration into an engagement party after we found out he proposed to her.

Some tips!

Ask the bride her favorite main dish and ask others to bring side dishes.  On the invitation we shared the main dish of Huli Huli Chicken and Hawaiian Macaroni.  Using Facebook invite we kept a running list of who was bringing what for variety.  The groom’s mother brought some of his favorites and the cake with a great picture of them on the cake.  Most places can actually put the picture made with icing on a cake!

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 223

One of the groom’s favorite recipes is Hot Virginia Dip.  I’ll have to share that later in our Just a Grillin’ section.  Huli Huli Chicken and the Macaroni dish are in that section–great dish for a Luau theme.

We centered our decorations around pictures of them and of the proposal.

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 191

The great engagement picture you see to the far right is from Open Doors Photography by Chrissy Fukushima.  Her work is amazing, and I highly recommend her.  (http://www.opendoorsphoto.com)

Keeping with the Luau theme the bride’s grandmother hung fishing net and attached pictures of them using miniature clothespins.  You can get creative things like this at the dollar store, party city, Wal-mart, and local craft stores.  Most families have beach decorations, so we took ours and placed them on the mantel.

VictoriaCamera 2325 VictoriaCamera 2324 VictoriaCamera 2321 VictoriaCamera 2322 VictoriaCamera 2320 VictoriaCamera 2319

One of her bridesmaids, Chelsea Longbottom,  purchased a great chalkboard story of their journey–a great gift!

VictoriaCamera 2323


Shopping for food was done prior to the weekend and yard work was done over weeks, and days leading up to the event.  Interestingly, we had one of those mosquito bug spray folks come out–and it worked!  I knew we had a huge crowd coming and wanted the yard to be mosquito free!  We did that two days prior.  Grass has to be cut and no rain.  We purposefully scheduled the party for Sunday evening from 4 – 8:00, so we could cook food and do the last-minute things that can only be done the day of. About a year or so prior this event, I found a tent at a local drug store for only 20.00 dollars–it was that crazy sale of 75 percent off.  It’s just a mom’s intuition to purchase things like this and hold on to them.

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 186 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 185

The father of the bride and groom spent time together the day of cooking the chicken, and he brought his grill over.  What a great way to start the day and their future.

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 194 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 193

With so many children coming, we had a special play area for them with lots of outside toys from the dollar store–like bubbles, catch games, hula hoops, and we added a dress as the bride, groom, bridesmaid dress up area!  We used clothes from our closets and dress up toy chest!   Side walk chalk, if you have a side-walk, is great, too!

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 206 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 205 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 204 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 212 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 211 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 208

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 187
Use your beach tent for the children to cool off!
MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 207
Chrissy took time to swing the children. Thank you Chrissy!

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 188

Even some of the teenagers enjoyed dressing up…

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 219 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 218

There are so many things to do just before the hour–ask for help.  My teenager and her friend, as well as my youngest, were put to work.  We had a rain shower just before the party and had to roll with it.  The extra hands provided care in wiping off the furniture and re-doing some things that were wet!  I remembered that rain is a symbol of the Holy Spirit–we welcome you here!  He was present.  Learn to dance in the rain.  I loved the banner my youngest made for the future Lamb family.

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 184

There was a special time of welcoming and prayer just before the food was served. Looking back, I wish we would have been more prepared for this moment, but that’s my personality!  If you like order, write your thoughts down, and it’s okay to read a special sentiment.

Of course we had the limbo with a disco ball that we found on sale at Lowes.  That was my youngest’s idea.

018 021

I enjoyed taking a dead flower/bush and bringing it to life.  I spray painted it and added lights, their favorite Bible verse with some of their pictures.

039 037 036 034

For those who stayed late, we had left over sparklers and fireworks for them to use and a pick up game of kick ball with Uncle John.

Later when my daughter opened her gifts, it was amazing to see the personal touches and notes from those we love.  My daughter’s theme is lavender, and she received special gifts of lavender lotion, salts, and soaps.  She also received a cookbook from the groom’s side of the family with all his favorite German recipes–family recipes.  A soap box with all the herbal scents she loves with a great letter from her Aunt Linda, and a picture of the lighthouse where he proposed from another aunt and uncle, were personal gifts that were unique.  Each gift had a special note of love. Picture frames were good gifts, too!  We used many of those the day of!  The financial blessings she received as gifts were quickly put away for upcoming wedding expenses!

Woman of Worth Mentoring Ministries’ girls were there after all these years to support and love.

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 227 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 229

And the next generation of WOW came to celebrate, too.

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 220

We had puppies…

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 226 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 221

And Bradley the bride’s Westie was all dressed up

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 190 016


Will you be my bridesmaid?

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 225

Eleanor asked when the “engagement” would start.  “We can’t leave yet”, she told her mom.  “The engagement has not started!”  We showed her the bride’s ring.

MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 232


Thank you family and friends for a great celebration!


MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 231 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 230 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 228 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 222 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 217 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 214 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 213 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 210 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 209 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 200 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 198 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 197 MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 201MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 199022MomsCameraIncludesEngagementParty 196




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  1. sarahemorris says:

    It looks like you all had a great time!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful day! 🙂 🙂 It put a smile on my face!


    1. Thank you for all your prayers leading up to the event! You are a wonderful friend.


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