What I love about summer…

Long about now in the season of summer, I find myself realizing why I love it so much.  It’s something about the children being out of school that lightens the stress and pressure.  We’ve been just as busy, but it’s about other adventures and responsibilities.  I love the beauty of being able to try new things and spend more time together.  I love a vacation to the beach but nothing compares to the joy of the everyday experiences.  Things like hearing your children giggle, watching their sleepy faces in the morning without having to say “hurry up!”, hearing and seeing nature that surrounds you like a magnificent symphony, ice-cream, and last-minute ideas.

I love waking up to Jesus and the sun shinning through my window.



Yesterday we had fun with a friend writing a very special note to tie to a balloon.


Listening to them come up with what to say and the colors to use warmed my heart.  My oldest and I were creating “Save The Date” magnets– being just as creative right beside them.

It’s time for lift off!



As we let go of the balloon, we realize something and start to laugh. (Watch the cute video below.)

No worries, we drove down the neighborhood street to find a home to “throw in the yard”.  I pray it blesses them!

A couple of summers ago, we started the 1,000 gifts book and gratitude journal.  I’m up to 400 something. Taking our time.  We pulled that out one morning and read some of them.  It became a journal of remembering.  We laughed.  One entry was a God “aha moment” beyond belief!  I had written in there a gratitude thought and asked God to be with my middle daughter who just received a wait-list letter from a specialty center she really wanted to attend.  She was so devastated in that moment.  Life moved on, and she ultimately was invited to attend as folks were declining their acceptance.  She ended up not going there and attending the health science program at another school.  I can’t imagine her any other place, but in that moment it seemed so cloudy and confusing. God not only gave her the gift of being able to say, “no”, and choose a different setting, but He reminded us two years later that sometimes unanswered prayers are a blessing.

We had lunch at the Village Grill one day and a little plaque near our table shared this sentiment of unanswered prayers.  We sat and talked about this profound, life-changing journey and how to use this life experience in the future. There will be other times in which you will feel God is not listening, but He knows what is best for you. Trust Him.

I love being a mom.






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