She said, “Yes!” to THE dress!

Before heading inside David’s Bridal, we stopped to say a prayer for the Holy Spirit to fall sweet on our experience, and that we would be reminded of the Bride of Christ–His love for us.  We prayed to put all distracting “to do” lists and attitudes away and enjoy the moment.

Before heading there, we needed some caffeine from Starbucks.  Grandma accidentally got the coffee with an extra shot of espresso!  She laughed and said, “I might just try on a dress today, too!”

010 011

Before working with our consultant, we checked out the sale rack.  We pulled items we guessed would be “the one”.  Ashley was patient as we tried all of those on to show what does not work with Victoria’s personality, skin color, and venue–an outdoor wedding.  Of course, as mother-of-the-bride, I cried with each one, but when she came out in “maybe the one” we all started boo-hooing.  I wish I could show you pictures!  I’ve been told and told again–DON’T POST PICTURES!

Then something incredible happened.  A conversation and a leap of faith created the opportunity for the consultant, Ashley, to bring THE dress.  Oh My!  She put THE dress on and the “maybe” became a “no!”–at least for sweet Vivian.  She was convinced!  Perfect!  We all needed to see the “maybe” one more time.  Interestingly, the “maybe” was a popular style that truly shows off the figure; yet, Victoria–my Victorian Princess– was much more suited for……..well I just can’t say!  I can’t say or post!  But she looked like royalty–a daughter of the King!

All glorious is the princess within her chamber; her gown is interwoven with gold. Psalm 45:13

The seamstress, Hilda, came by, with the typical measuring tape around the neck, to make sure the right size was ordered, and to estimate the amount of alterations.  Victoria brought my wedding veil with her to make sure it would all match.  When Hilda saw the veil and Victoria in the dress, she started crying.  The veil being an older style–The Juliet–caught her eye, and she remembered her wedding day.

“That was my veil”, she cried! 

I gave her a warm, bear hug, and we all cried with her.  She said something that answered our prayers.  She noted that “she sees many brides, but there is something very special–very special, that touch…”  My soul smiled–“That touch, that special….is the lover of her soul–Jesus!”  The Holy Spirit surrounding this moment and not only blessing you, but blessing us.

Ashley giving Victoria a big hug and blessing!

There’s a tradition of ringing the bell once you say, “Yes!”  Before ringing the bell, Elizabeth, the manager ( I think), told Victoria to let this be the start of many happy days to come–LOVE LARGE!

During lunch we celebrated and toasted Victoria with ginger-ale in champagne glasses!  Parish shared that he, too, prays for many joyful days ahead.  Keep the joy of this day moving forward.  Grandmother blessed the parents by sharing that Anna and Parish have taught you how to be friends with your spouse and enjoy each other’s company–Be joyful and enJOY each other!  I thanked the Holy Spirit for making our time sweet and reminded Victoria of Jesus’ love in her–radiant!  Thank you Valentina and Vivian for supporting your sister and letting her know how beautiful she is–a Victorian princess!

If you want a great place to shop for a wedding dress, I highly recommend Ashley as a consultant at David’s Bridal.  She was incredibly patient, kind, and knowledgeable.  Sweet Hilda, was precious and so caring. I’m anticipating great work from her hands as a seamstress.  She made us feel like we were the only ones there, and her dress was in good hands.  We loved how people, like Elizabeth, would stop by and give comments and advice.  Make an appointment!  You don’t want to just show up.  And, if you can be there first thing when they open, you can beat the crowd.  Worth the early morning start and a Starbucks run!  Take grandma’s advice and get the espresso!

As I was writing this, sweet Lexi called me and read her letter from Victoria to her.  Sweet Lexi–your child-like voice and what was said….perfect timing to this day!  Love you Lex!

Wearing my pearl, heart necklace from my wedding.

041 042

Nothing like Meatball Spaghetti to celebrate!






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