Thank you for the water…



My God you have blessed our family beyond measure.  I could never remember every detail of my life in which you provided, protected, and gave in abundance.  Jesus, I’m not talking about material things, although I’ve never lacked.  I’m grateful for the things money can’t buy and the story between the lines of my life.  I remember, Lord, how you brought me out, and I rejoice in my future because You live within my heart–my soul.

Jesus thank you for showing me in the quietness of the morning that my glass is not half empty, or half full.  I will praise You, God, for the water (blessings) you pour out moment by moment.  Day by day.  Through the years…

You are faithful!


Lord, I love to catch you taking care of us.  That moment you realize–God is here.  Only God could have done this.  I think I enjoy it most in the small things, God.  Like last night when I randomly listened to a sermon, in which, You confirmed what You were sharing with me the day before.  The message all the way to the single word of “now”–You knew the word “now” in recognizing your worth, was on my heart.

Jesus, help me face each day, each moment with the knowledge that you will provide and there is plenty of water…

You are my joy…..



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