A Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid:  a woman who is an attendant of a bride…

My first is getting married.  Everything that is going on is “new to me” as mother-of-the-bride.  I’ve been a bridesmaid for many weddings, but never on the mother-of-the-bride side of watching bridesmaids love on my daughter.  I observed careful care of helping her with her “just the right hairstyle for the wedding day”, travel from out-of-town, and giving sacrificially for a dress that, come on, don’t try to convince them they’ll wear it again!
Picking out dresses was a time to see my daughter’s friends showing up and giving and loving so that her day will be special.  After it was all said and done that night at David’s Bridal, we ended up in a circle and my joy was overflowing.  I will never forget your love for us that night.  Folks racing from work, traveling out-of-town, and managing a family emergency in the midst of it all–but you were there and present and full of love.
I remember my day, 25 years ago, and how my friends were there for me wearing their dresses, running errands, serving, and loving.  I remember my sister-in-law and my brothers going way beyond the call of duty to help my day run smoothly. Thank you Marie (she was my maid of honor).
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Anna & Parish, 1989
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Marie and Harvey with Victoria and Spencer

I don’t think I could ever repay her for all she did for me….us…..  One of my bridesmaids decorated the reception hall with red hearts–my favorite.  Thank you.  Every little detail, bridal shower, gift, encouraging word, sacrifice–it’s all coming back to me in this season of my life.  You gave when maybe it was hard for you, but you gave anyway–with joy and hope.  A hope that our future would be blessed with God’s love.  We had so many hands and hearts in my wedding day to make it special, and we are blessed beyond measure.  Thank you to everyone on February 4, 1989,….thank you.  If you tied a bow, blew a balloon up, made food, ran to the store, bought a dress you’ll never wear again, gave a gift, decorated, sang, organized, put up with us in love, ….thank you…..

I guess I feel VERY humbled to have my daughter’s friends doing that for us.  On this side of it all, I realize wholeheartedly, the love you are pouring forth.  You only get one day to be a bride and that day is remembered.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! to all the beautiful bridesmaids who are loving on us.  If ever we seem too busy to say thank you, please know we are truly grateful, and your love will be remembered for a lifetime.  Every smile, every encouraging word, every talent you pour forth unconditionally–thank you.  The greatest love is when we give out of a servant’s heart with joy.  I witnessed that Saturday night and was blessed.  Can I say it again?  THANK YOU!

Looking forward to celebrating with you in the covenant marriage of my daughter to my future son-in-law.  What a joyful day that will be!   Thank you for paving the way with joy, service, and most of all His love.
Thank you Woman of Worth sisters for being there through it all…..

Woman of Worth Mentoring Ministries


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As I was typing this, sweet Katie sent me a picture of a quilt that her Mamaw made of t-shirts–many of them WOW shirts and WOW events–I love you sweet Katie!  Perfect timing sweet friend….

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