Harvest Moon

This year’s Harvest Moon happens tonight, Sept. 8 and it will also be the moment of our natural satellite’s perigee, or the point at which the Moon is closest to Earth. This means it will light up the night sky even more than usual, and will appear bigger.  According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, this super Moon will be the last of three successive super Moons in Earth’s Northern Hemisphere.

The fullest phase of the Moon will occur tonight when it moves into the spot in the sky directly opposite the Sun. That will be at 9:38 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. This full Moon will be the one closest to the September equinox (which is Sept. 23 this year) and that is why it is so designated as a Harvest Moon. Because autumn does not begin until Sept. 23, tonight’s full Moon will be the last of the summer season.  (http://guardianlv.com/2014/09/tonights-harvest-moon-will-be-a-supermoon/)

WOW!  AMAZING! Last night after a long day at work and even longer time spent at school, I came home exhausted. Preparing for the bedtime ritual (which was way behind schedule for my 10-year-old), at approximately 9:10 we were settling into our wonderful habit of listening to Joyce Meyer on my phone.  We often listen to her sermons to settle down, then go to bed.  Her message was on really, really, really, really, really (she said it at least 10 times) wanting to make a positive change in your life and seeking God to help you.  Amazingly, she covered just about every verse in my upcoming presentation this weekend at a ladies’ retreat.  I kept saying , “Yes, Lord!  and No way you are saying that–perfect timing!”  As I settled into sleep, I noticed a brightness in the bedroom that forced its way in through the blinds. You may have cut the lights out last night, but did you notice how bright it was outside? My husband shared with me the fact that it was a harvest moon.  Getting up very early this morning to accomplish much on the list, I researched “harvest moon” and worshiped the God who created our world in order and seasons.

Imagine the “harvest” in your life.  What is God asking you to really, really, really, really, do or change?  What can HE harvest in your life so that His glory–His light–can permeate the darkness?

“I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him.”  Psalm 62:1

Your victory WILL come from God alone.  Stop striving in your own strength and claim the power of God to really, really, really make that change in your life, or accomplish the impossible.

I’m expecting the impossible to be accomplished because of Him!

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