Daddy’s Girls

Daddy dance with me!  I want to dress up and go to the ball with you!  I’m your Cinderella, and you are my prince….


Daddy, you are the first man in my life who will teach me how a man is to love, respect, and honor a woman. You teach me how to respect myself, to love others, and to know that I am loved.

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Daddy, hold my hand and guide me…


Daddy teach me how to have fun and enjoy life….


One day I will be someone’s wife….


And, I want to remember these moments and treasure them in my heart

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Daddy, I’m looking forward to my wedding day and our father daughter dance…



Daddy, thank you for loving my mommy….

Thank you for the “forever dance” with her…

26 years, February 4, 1989




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda says:

    So beautiful and such a wonderful pick me up that was very much needed:)


  2. Linda says:

    Plus, Happy Anniversary!!!!! A great day to remember last years celebration with family and friends and the last 26 years:) Love you all!


    1. Thank you Linda! We love your family too!!!💗


  3. Thomas Lloyd says:

    Anna, You are still daddy’s little girl! OH, how I love you!


    1. Yes!!! I love knowing that I am still your little girl! I love you too!❤️🌻


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