Line Upon Line: May, 2012- May 9, 2015

Never underestimate the power of a moment. Awaiting my daughter’s graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University, our family sat directly in front of the those graduating with their doctorate in education. A woman my age stood up to walk the stage and her courageous and confident smile, as well as her hands raised in victory, moved me.  The Holy Spirit shared, “It’s your turn!”

Victoria’s Graduation from Nursing School


So, as my middle child began high school, I began my journey in the doctoral program at VCU to study Educational Leadership.

For three years, time, money, and energy were sacrificed to follow God’s will, and to embrace a dream I spoke in my B.S. program at VCU in the 1980s.  I am truly grateful for the years of hard work, and the encouragement from friends and family.

I remember my mother sharing with me during a difficult time in the journey that I would finish, “line upon line”.  Each step was meaningful and counted.  Each step brought me closer to realizing my dream and God’s direction for my life.

Graduation day was May 9, 2015.  On this same day, my sister-in-law and mother gave me an open-house, graduation party. Friends and family came to celebrate and show their support and love.  I was overwhelmed by the generosity and words of encouragement spoken into my life.  It’s etched in my mind and soul forever–all the cards, prayers, gifts, hugs, time, and laughter…..

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Thank you….

President Rao shared that we were to become leaders in our community and be a part of changing the world we live in.

VCU President Michael Rao, Ph.D., told graduates they represent the future of Virginia and the world.

“What you discover in our classrooms, laboratories, clinics, studios and in our community are not the ends to get you here today, but the beginnings of the ways in which you will someday conquer humanity’s biggest problems and needs,” Rao said. “You are graduating from not just any university, but from one of the world’s premier research universities that’s committed to discovery, creativity and advancing the human experience everywhere.”

Our Governor motivated us to truly take the next steps with courage!

Always think big. Always take chances. Never be afraid to fail,” McAuliffe said. “If you follow these three pieces of advice, you will do great.

My favorite moments during graduation were the intimate conversations with my family and friends. Awaiting the stage, driving to graduation, and leaving my home to attend the ceremony were all moments to talk about the heart things and to look into tear filled eyes. “Almost 50 years old” changes your perspective. You are deeply grateful, your soul aches over the smallest of details, you remember the eyes of those who changed you–mentored you, you appreciate the journey, you laugh heartily, and you know that moments like these come once in a life time-soak it up.  Remember….


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I will remember all you’ve done for me.  If you are reading this, you are a part of my life and my journey, and because of you, I am forever changed for the better.

Thank you Harvey for the AMAZING video of the graduation, and thank you to the folks who were a part of creating the video memory!  I hope you can watch and rejoice with me!  FOREVER GRATEFUL….,mp4&authkey=!AI3Zo9OCF46Irec





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