People Get Ready

When all areas of your life categories collide into a beautiful reminder of how much God is faithful, you are reminded of things to come–heaven.  Heaven will be a place in which all our earthly treasures, endeavors, troubles, and sorrow will be gone in an instant. No more. Nothing but Jesus, and He is all we need.

Through Bible study, I’m reminded that Jesus is our hero.  We are not perfect! We serve a perfect Savior.  He carries us in the hard times, and He wants our minds on heaven. The bills, relationships, job stress, and health issues invade our minds and home until we can’t see the other side of it. Consumed.

Today I was listening to the “People Get Ready” version by Eva Cassidy.  In the middle of typing the third report, I looked up from my desk to “feel” the presence of Jesus.  I smiled as I thought of heaven and things to come. Until then, I will not be shaken by earthly things, and my eyes are focused on being victorious!


I had the opportunity to visit my Aunt who is not of this world–her mind has trouble with memory, speech, and understanding. She says very little; yet, as I rolled her out to catch some vitamin D, I asked her how her day had been.  She said, “It’s always better when people are on the train.” I teared up and laughed a soul giggle.  God took my train song about heaven, His message, and spoke through a Godly woman, who certainly will ride that train to glory one day.  We talked about heaven and our eternity together.

God is faithful to carry us….

….to remind us when times are hard that He is our hero

….to speak to us through any means He deems worthy

Matthew 18:18

“Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

One of my favorite preachers, Joyce Meyer, spoke candidly about her eyes on heaven. If something is not in heaven (gossip, pain, insecurities, judgment, anger, depression, bitterness, …..), she spends little time entertaining that which is earthly, and she sets her heart and mind on those things that are above! Glory!


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