To My Daughter

Many years ago a mom and dad sat in a doctor’s office watching the heartbeat of their soon to be baby girl. Her tiny body seemed to be announcing, “I am here!”, like the town of Whoville with Horton.

From the point of her announcement through modern technology, until this very moment, Victoria Louise has been a precious joy in our lives.  Having children changes you. It’s no longer “just us” but a soul to care for and a life to nurture.

So the adventure began! I remember you walking on your first birthday in our trailer by the river in Gloucester, VA. You had a pretty white dress on, and you were all smiles–“Look at me!  I can walk!”

Life was an adventure with you as we traveled with your daddy during his time of management with Peeble’s Department Store.  We would spend the day in Nashville, enjoy the rides at Carowind’s Amusement Park, make crafts, or just hang out watching The Land Before Time.

Like all little girls, you grew up and each season of your life–elementary, middle, and high school brought even more adventures with plays, singing, mission trips, friendships, and fun! Moms can flash back in their minds and play a movie of the journey with a thousand pictures coming forth.  I am overwhelmed with joy!

So, here we are–A Wedding Day!

I think of your wedding day and how beautiful it is to see your Woman of Worth sisters surround you with love and guidance. What a gift that is boundless!

I think of our family who sat in the waiting room to see your face for the first time and all the years of cheering you on in sports, plays, and vocal contests.  Every birthday, event, and transition in your life through graduations and moving out on your own–friends and family have been there to see you through and cheer you on.

This weekend your mom and dad will walk beside you as you “leave and cleave” to the one God has chosen for you. This covenant relationship will be sealed and presented to God.  Family and friends will gather to offer their blessings.

This is it Victoria.  This is the day the Lord has made!  Let us rejoice and be glad in it! You will be Mrs. Lamb. A wife. You will build your home with Mr. Lamb.  So from the day of your announcement, “I am here!”, God has blessed us with unspeakable joy! This joy will be carried forth into your God story with Spencer. God is good and faithful.  I am a blessed woman of God to have experienced this journey with you–my sweet Victoria Louise.

Thank you Victoria!  I’ve enjoyed every minute, and I look forward to the coming years as you and Spencer build your home.



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