Ezra Chapter 2

42,360 persons returned to Judah.  In addition to the list were 200 choir members. The choir members were from the clan of Asaph.  Who was Asaph?

There were a number of Levites that King David assigned as worship leaders in the tabernacle choir, according to 1 Chronicles 6:31–32. Asaph was one of these men (1 Chronicles 6:39). Asaph’s duties are described in detail in1 Chronicles 16. According to 2 Chronicles 29:30, both Asaph and David were skilled singers and poets. Asaph is also mentioned as a “seer” or prophet. The “sons of Asaph” are mentioned in 1 Chronicles 25:12 Chronicles 20:14, and Ezra 2:41. The sons of Asaph were likely a guild of skilled poets and singers, modeling themselves musically after Asaph, their master. The church musicians of our day can be considered spiritual “children of Asaph.”

How important is worship in our challenges, new adventures, set-backs, and in the ordinary of our daily lives?  Chapter 2 of Ezra is mostly the lineage of “who” went back to rebuild the temple. In the midst of who, what was given, and some folks who could not prove their lineage, God saw the importance of worship and singing.  In a time of no computers, phones, videos, Pandora, microphones, and playlists, the task to organize over 42,000 people with all their “stuff” included worship in the midst of chaos and adventure!

Who is Asaph in your family or church?  Who leads worship?  Take the time to recognize their gifts and encourage them.

How can you be a leader in your home to encourage worship through music? Could you turn the radio station to a Christian station?  Perhaps Pandora playlists could be included! The best type of worship is the use of the best instrument–your voice!

Lift your voice to Jesus!  Sing!  Worship!

10,000 Reasons…..

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