Grace Home Ministries

If you read my previous post, you’ll remember my joy at finding my old Bible–Blueprint for Living.  The following paragraph was written at that time by Bill Bright, founder and president of Campus Crusade For Christ International, in the section called, “An Invitation to Abundant Living”

Christ engages in the hearts of His people.  He revolutionizes lives and, as His people are revolutionized in sufficient numbers, the world will be revolutionized–the world will be changed. Problems in the lives of individuals will be solved as He is given control.  Problems in the political, social, economic, and religious realms will be solved as He is made master in each area.

Grace Home Ministries is revolutionizing the world one person at a time.  As a school social worker I am faced with teen pregnancy, and they have shown up, supported, and creatively met the needs of students that I serve.  Nothing has been too hard or too complicated for them.  In the moment that a client may feel all is lost, they step in and offer hope, healing, and a future story.

Please support them through prayer, finances, volunteering, and by utilizing their services if you need them.  They stand ready to help.  Their strong mentor program is vital.  You can learn more about mentoring and volunteering.  Their services are confidential and will support you in your time of need as a pregnant woman, or man struggling with the news you are going to be a father.

The informational video below will give you a snapshot of the founder’s mission and personal story as well as the services they offer. I personally know the founder, Julie Carden, and she is a determined woman of God filled with the grace and beauty of Jesus’ love for us.  She is available to speak at any organization to share more about Grace Home Ministries, and she offers her testimony to celebrate how God revolutionized her life so she can serve others.

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