A Church Hill Experience

Parish and I love to try new things. Give us a small town, a unique store, or a restaurant that serves food we’ve never tasted, and we are in our zone. As a couple, the experiences have brought years of fond memories, and individually, we’ve satisfied our love for adventure. How do you define adventure? If it’s skydiving and swimming with the sharks, then maybe our definition of fun will not appeal to you, but if you are looking for a lovely evening out in Church Hill, we’ve got you covered. Come walk with us.

Church Hill, due east of downtown, above Shockoe Valley, where Patrick Henry gave his famous speech at St. John’s Church, which is apparently the highest spot in the city. (http://wtvr.com/2012/07/05/holmberg-which-are-the-seven-hills-of-richmond/)

We parked our car on a side street next to The Alamo BBQ on 2202 Jefferson Avenue in Richmond.

We started our walking journey here because of the smell.  Close your eyes and think of the wonderful, sweet and smoky smell of barbecue roasting on a smoker.

Combine that with a friendly walk-up window and outdoor picnic area on a breezy, sunny afternoon and, well, you are in paradise. The charm is the simplicity and the crowd.


You have Church Hill wannabes (us), all cultures and ages, and small children with their families, along with date night folks all dressed up. We shared a barbecue sandwich that had the perfect combination of smoke and sweet.  The cold slaw had just enough mayo and vinegar–not too runny, or tangy.  We resisted that temptation to try to the cornbread because we had reservations at Metzger’s Bar and Butchery further down the street.

Picnic area for larger groups

We left the Alamo and headed directly up Jefferson street to Union Market on 2306 Jefferson Ave. Along the way, we experienced the revitalization of the old charm.  Homes were experiencing a makeover for new families to move in. You could tell that the new was only created to keep the charm of the building. I love when you witness builders trying to keep the historical aspect of a building while also making sure the building is livable.

We noticed that most of the homes displayed their address similar to this style

Look at this beautiful day!

We did not realize that Union Market was an actual market along with a wonderful deli and eatery. They catered to the cyclist and dog owner. You had a place for your bike, a hitching post for your dog on a leash, or water bowls and treats for your pet as you sat on the patio.

As we ordered another small appetizer, we walked out onto the patio to music playing and lazy, Saturday afternoon folks gathering to socialize or read books.

As we sat admiring the beautiful color of the crepe myrtle in the sun, watching people, and talking about our future, we saw the large family from The Alamo restaurant walking back to their home. I could not resist the two-year-old little boy with red hair on daddy’s shoulders. What a cutie.

We had a 5:00 reservation for Metzger’s Bar and Butchery, so we loaded walking directions on our phone and started the short, but wonderful walk to our dinner date.

Along the way, we met retired couples relaxing on their decks, a man playing with his dog in the front yard, and beautiful, spring flowers. Many of the homes were historical with the information plaque on the building. What we noticed most was the people–the smiles, the waves, and the sense of community. In fact, across from Metzger’s is a church that seemed to be a part of serving the community, along with a family resource center.

We got to the restaurant 5 minutes early and sat outside waiting for it to open.

Clovers in Church Hill are HUGE!

The menu in Metzger’s is authentic and true to its name– German food only. If you want pizza and hamburgers, this is not your restaurant.  Try something new! We ordered the basket of homemade bread which included pretzel bread, sea salt crackers, Old Bay biscuit, and a nutty-type bread.  They were all homemade and warm with delicious butter.

Parish ordered the roasted chicken, and I ordered the pork chops. We were too busy chowing down, we forgot to take pictures! The serving size was plentiful and seasoned to perfection!

We were glad we had to walk back to the car after our wonderful dining experience. If you make a reservation at 5:00, right when they open, you’ll be in a quiet atmosphere.  As we were eating, the restaurant started to fill up. I enjoyed the lively mother-daughter conversations, the date-night couples, and the neighborhood locals.  You could see the staff waving to folks from the windows as they walked by the restaurant.

On our walk back to the car we figured out a short cut through an alley.

I loved this tree!

We started our journey around 3:30 in the afternoon.  We recommend making a reservation for Metzger’s because the restaurant is small.  We were able to stop at the points of interest and walk to the restaurant during the 3:30-5:00-time frame.  You can adjust your time to accommodate your desire to stay longer at a certain spot.  Of course, if you desire to stay out late, you could venture into Shockoe Bottom, Cary Town, Byrd Theater, or other areas of interest in Richmond.

Let us know if you venture out! We’d love to hear from you.

Parish and Anna

Tarrant’s Cafe

What to do on a rainy day with your love?  My husband and I desired to “get away” for just a short day trip to Smithfield, Virginia, which is a quaint town, but the rain and late start made us re-think.  If you want to escape, but can’t leave the Richmond area, go to Tarrant’s Cafe.

1 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220


007 008

I loved being there on a Monday at 4:00. The lull before the crowd; the linen tablecloths and napkins; the lighting and the music, wooed me to another time and place.

011 009

For me, it had a Victorian touch. Music from the Louis Armstrong era was playing, like Etta James, Blues & R&B (a personal Pandora favorite). If you want to enjoy some wonderful music that will take you back to that time, type in Louis Armstrong as a station in Pandora.

Etta James, A Sunday Kind of Love

Can you hear it?

The waitstaff were friendly and knowledgeable.  I asked them about the history of the restaurant, and she came back with a three-ring binder filled with historical data.  The building has been owned and operated by various entrepreneurs such as a druggist/drug store and shoemaker.  Stories from the civil war era were shared. I imagined the business tycoons who purchased the property (which used to be two buildings, but now is one large building) and the tenants who sought to become successful entrepreneurs.

The ambiance was classy-romantic, and the smallest of details were seen to.

We went back in time….

broad st

The food was equally divine and wonderful.

I had the Rockfish Pan Seared with artichokes, olives, capers, lemon, and garlic.


My husband had the Oyster Po’ Boy Tacos with coleslaw


For an appetizer we had fried green tomatoes with homemade chips, and garlic bread came with your meal

016 017

They offer valet parking if the city parking frustrates you, but we found ample street parking at that time.


Their menu has a variety of options for all palates

014 013

As I cozied into my seat to drink a warm cup of coffee with a cannoli and strawberries, Parish and I dreamed and talked about making a pergola for our back patio and wisteria.

026 022 018

As we were talking, the lights dimmed–the 5:00 dinner crowd will soon show.  They have tables, booths, and round tables for the intimate family feel.

They offer a Sunday brunch that I was so blessed to partake of a few months ago.  I highly recommend this restaurant for a romantic get away, celebrations, business lunches, or just because.  My first time at Tarrant’s was on the recommendation of Dr. Webb and our first Capstone meeting with our client.

I love Richmond!  My 83 year old father tells me stories of taking the horse and buggy to Richmond to pick up his mother from work!  If you happen to go to Tarrant’s, please text or send me a picture.  Feel free to leave your comments, too.




Cottage on Hill, Manteo, NC

Our family vacationed this year at Cottage on Hill in Manteo, NC.  This is our take on the place!  The owners Mr. and Mrs. Bell were friendly and responsive to our needs not only in deciding to rent from them almost seven months ago but also the week we were there.  They live near the property and can help with anything that may arise during your stay.

Down a long dirt road you will travel until you reach the very end of the road, in which, the sign “Cottage On Hill” is located.  The cottage is positioned on a hill with steps leading up to the porch and front door.  The cottage has a deck in the back of the house leading out of the kitchen/eating area.  Each morning, I would either sit on the back deck, or travel down the private beach access path to watch the sunrise.

Vacation 2016 001 Vacation 2016 004 Vacation 2016 007 Vacation 2016 008 Vacation 2016 009

The private path to the beach was like a secret garden with well-kept flowering bushes.

IMG_6724 IMG_6723Vacation 2016 039

They provided kayaks (one adult; one child, or small person).

Vacation 2016 031

One of my spiritual awakenings came while kayaking the luminous path of the sun’s rays! I was travelling into the path of the sun! The sun on my face was invigorating!

Vacation 2016 032 Vacation 2016 034

You can fish from your private beach, but remember to get a fishing license at Fishing Unlimited Tackle or Whale Bone Tackle in Nags Head, just a few minutes after you cross the bridge from Manteo into Nags Head.  The cost was 12.00, and you pay in cash.

Vacation 2016 025 Vacation 2016 026 Vacation 2016 029Vacation 2016 005 Vacation 2016 024 Vacation 2016 025

You can kayak over to a sand island, or bar within 5 minutes. The sunrise is worth getting up early for.  I would take my Bible study, coffee, and they provided chairs near the beach. I would sit and wait for the sun to rise.  It was truly a worshipful experience.

Vacation 2016 010 Vacation 2016 016

One morning, I was so overwhelmed with the presence of the Lord, I had to write about it on another post. I hope you can visit the post called Brand New Dayhttps://arrestedbygrace.wordpress.com/2016/07/29/brand-new-day/

Vacation 2016 002

There was a master bedroom with a full bath downstairs.  This was helpful for my daughter and her husband who had recently had a baby.  They had access to the kitchen, a bathroom, and a quiet space for those middle of the night feedings.  The two bedrooms upstairs with a shared full bathroom between them was perfect for my husband and I, along with my other two daughters (twin beds in their room).  The outdoor shower on the front porch deck provided extra shower space during those moments everyone wanted to shower.


The town of Manteo is filled with charm and a family feel.

Vacation 2016 012 Vacation 2016 013 Vacation 2016 019

Some spots we enjoyed were

Olde Towne Creamery

They had wonderful ice-cream, fudge, treats, and the best hot dog!  I ordered the hot dog with their slaw–divine! They have space inside to eat out of the heat, or shaded areas outside with comfortable seating.

Vacation 2016 041 Vacation 2016 043

The shops and restaurants of Manteo

Just a few we enjoyed….(please click on store names to go to their websites)

Vacation 2016 012 Vacation 2016 013 Vacation 2016 017 Vacation 2016 018 Vacation 2016 019

My Recycled Life is in the variety of artist’s shop Coastal Carolina Kaleidoscope

As you walk in and to the right you will find recycled boards with inspiring quotes and verses like the one below.  I purchased this one!  I had a difficult time selecting an item, because all the quotes seemed to speak to you–the verses had a universal theme.  With each board, I thought of someone.  All the items in the store were perfect gifts for that special someone or occasion!  I left this shop feeling warm, welcomed, and inspired.  The shop owner is free to talk about her work and a down to earth kind of gal!

Vacation 2016 003

The Laughing Lollipop

This shop has the old time candy from your youth and fresh cotton candy! I purchased gummy bears, my personal favorite, and an old fashioned sugar cane root bear!

Vacation 2016 024 Vacation 2016 023

His Shells

Ortega’z Southwestern Grill

Vacation 2016 011 Vacation 2016 006

Poor Richard’s Sandwich Shop

Vacation 2016 021 Vacation 2016 020

They have many odds and ends shops, antique stores, and unique crafters displaying their treasures. In the pavilion area, they have a bike rack.

On Saturdays in Manteo, they have a farmer’s market that will blow you away!

Vacation 2016 049 Vacation 2016 050 Vacation 2016 051 Vacation 2016 052 Vacation 2016 054 Vacation 2016 056

A favorite tradition is to go shopping at Tanger Outlet Mall.

Vacation 2016 004

Another tradition is bucket grilling on the beach.  We use E June Street Access. For our favorite recipes go to this post called Bucket Grilling on the Beachhttps://arrestedbygrace.wordpress.com/2014/07/31/bucket-grilling-on-the-beach/

Vacation 2016 050 Vacation 2016 062 Vacation 2016 066

We like to order our crab legs from Sugar Creek and family dine at home.

Vacation 2016 043 Vacation 2016 044 Vacation 2016 045

They also have a restaurant with specials and discounts for early birds from 4:00 – 5:00

Vacation 2016 011 Vacation 2016 013 Vacation 2016 014

We went to the lighthouse in Manteo, NC for our last night family pictures at sunset.  We missed the sunset by a few minutes, but the night was beautiful.  These were taken by using our cell phones!


Vacation 2016 065 Vacation 2016 067 Vacation 2016 075 Vacation 2016 110Vacation 2016 051Vacation 2016 054Vacation 2016 061

They may not be professional but the memory and time spent together springs forth when I look at these photos.

A day at the beach….

Vacation 2016 042 Vacation 2016 039 Vacation 2016 037 Vacation 2016 015Vacation 2016 018 Vacation 2016 019 Vacation 2016 022

Manteo has sidewalks for bike riding.  The owners provide bikes for the renters in a sturdy shed that is near the cottage.  You can also store your beach items in the shed.  They provide a grill for outdoor cooking.  There is a service station just up the road from the cottage if you need air in your tires.

Vacation 2016 008

There are local grocery stores in Manteo, or you can ride into Nags Head for more options.

The greatest gift was having my first grand-daughter with us.

Vacation 2016 028

What a blessing to see her parents so in love with her, and meeting her every need.  Of course, I was ready to jump in if needed…

Vacation 2016 007

For more information about Cottage On Hill go to:



Vacation 2016 061










Jelly Toast

I grew up in an older home from infancy until about sixth grade.  My years there were filled with warm summer nights with box fans in the windows, crickets serenading me to sleep, and a pretty pink canopy bed, with pink shag carpet. My yard had large oak trees, and one tree was well suited for a tree house and rope swing.  We’d jump from the tree house ledge on the rope swing and fly through the air.  That was the closest I ever got to flying as a little girl, and it was pretty close.  My brother closest in age to me, loved to dare me to do things; and I aimed to please.  He dared me to fly on the first jump off the ledge, meaning, I would be at the highest elevation.  That day I flew high; however, with gravity, what goes up, must come down. Down I went. Hard. I landed on my feet, and I can still feel the sting. I impressed his friend that was visiting.  I can still see his eyes wide and mouth open.

I’d give a million dollars to have a picture of that tree house and our swing.

IMG_6338 (2)

My mom sent me this picture of our home. Much has changed. Trees have been taken down, businesses have popped up around what used to be my backyard, and they have modernized the home.  In fact, the home is a business. Looking at the front yard, my mind went back to a revival night.  We provided worship music, a message, and watermelon.  It was a night of adventure and mystery.  In the dark of the night, we worshiped and poured out love to our neighbors. Folks sat on blankets and sang along with the musical talent on the front porch. When the watermelon was passed around, as a child, I was thrilled. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted watermelon again quite like that night–sweet, filled with water, crisp, and smelled divine.

My family is away on vacation. I’m much older with a full life. I recently became a grandmother. Becoming a grandmother forces you to reflect.  I watch my oldest daughter with my grand-daughter; and I go back. Memories I’ve stored in the recesses of my mind spring forth like a pop-up book–taking you by surprise at the beauty and details. This side of the memory has more meaning. You close your eyes and imagine your grandchildren’s memories they will make with you.

Jelly toast.

Our kitchen had the largest table to fit the whole family for meals. My mom was an amazing cook. One afternoon, a friend was visiting, and she served coffee and jelly toast. I was sitting next to my mom across from the friend.  The window was open, and the toaster on the table.  She would toast the white bread, smother the softness with real butter, and then the grape jelly. Up to that point, I had not really experienced the process of jelly toast.  I guess it was the company, the breeze, the simplicity of the afternoon, but my mouth had never tasted such heaven. I loved the way she toasted the bread just enough to make it warm, but not crisp, or burnt. What was equally unusual was my mother’s change in the rules.  She was conservative.  You ate three balanced meals a day, no snacks in between except for fruit, and over eating was not encouraged.  I thank her for this.  I’m healthy today because of her wisdom and discipline. This time was different. She picked up on my experience of heaven and decided to serve my fantasy of jelly toast.

Like Oliver, I asked for “more”, and instead of turning me out, she served me.  I think I ate about four pieces of jelly toast that day.

On our vacation, we had breakfast together; we had jelly toast. Grape jelly.  Butter. Warm toast.  I told them my pop-up book memory, and my youngest smiled at me. “Grandma made me jelly toast, too.”  We reminisced together.

Life is much like jelly toast stories. We experience the daily grind–work, cleaning, disappointments, chores, going, and doing. The necessary prevails.  In fact, the necessary provides the structure to experience the jelly toast stories. Simple things you do out of love will be remembered and treasured for a life time. The next time you are doing the ordinary for someone extraordinary it matters. You are creating a beautiful pop-up book, in which, your love will be the thematic thread woven in the legacy of your family story.


jelly toast

My house is filled with a thousand dreams….

“I just pray that hope will go on living
In this house of a thousand dreams” Martina McBride

When I hear this song–I go back, smile, and the happy tears flow….


Dar Luz–The Light Has Come

In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters.


Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.

And, God saw that the light was good;


and God separated the light from the darkness.  God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night.  And there was evening and there was morning , the first day.  Genesis Chapter 1









God created every intricate detail of the world, and every hair follicle and cell in your body.  It stands to reason, that we, too, are asked to join in His creation.  God is creative and full of life-giving promises.  He takes chaos and brings order.

“Wherever there is darkness and pain it is the will of God that humanity acts on the side of goodness and truth.  God’s act of creation continues to this day, and Advent is a reminder that human beings are called into living deliberately to make the world a better place.” (Bozzuti-Jones, The Womb of Advent, 2007)

Believe that you, God’s creation, can participate in God’s continuous and magnificent creative creation!

I think upon God’s perfect order and the harmony of His work.  Night gives way to day, just as the darkness gives way to light. God created the darkness for a purpose.  How could we enjoy the sunrise without the darkness of the night?  How can we fathom redemption without our desperate need for a Savior, a blessing without the knowledge of a curse, or healing without suffering?

Jesus, the light of the world, was hidden in the darkness of the womb of Mary. The darkness of the womb was created by God to fashion a human soul, and for His Son, Jesus, to be brought into a world in desperate need of His light.

“In Brazil, they actually describe the birth of a child as the giving of light: dar luz, people say.  It is their way of saying–and I delight in this–that a woman has brought a light into the world.”  (Bozzuti-Jones, The Womb of Advent, 2007)


Our first grandchild is to be born in June, 2016

I love that my daughter and son-in-law put the baby picture on their Christmas tree–the coming of Advent season, the coming of Jesus, the coming of God’s creation in my daughter.

During the time we found out that our first grandchild is to be born, we went away to a marriage encounter weekend…..

My husband and I experienced an incredible Marriage Encounter weekend.  The entire weekend was God creating something new in us individually and as a couple.  Our tears brought exhaustion, healing, and hope.  We were a part of God’s creation.  With no time to walk the beach during the encounter weekend, my exhaustion burst into a renewed spirit as the weekend came to a close.  It was just my husband and I, sitting on the deck of the hotel watching the sun set.


The day closed with us watching the stars appear, but so very dear to us, is that first star that appears so bright in the sky.


Our First Star

Parish, my husband, read to me,” A Child’s Dream of a Star” by Dickens.  His favorite author and my love for having someone read to me, brought the night to a rapturous close. What a tender story that seemed to give a metaphor to our weekend’s work.

God gently woke us up in the morning with His soft and tender beauty of creation–the new day.  Ever so slightly, as the minutes passed, His glorious sun broke forth into a new start–a new day!  Just as Jesus came into the world over 2,000 years ago.

001 018 020 021 042

This last picture captures my soul work.  As I gazed on the sun’s rays pouring forth over the waters, the power and love of our God was bursting forth from heaven on to earth to His people. I imagined myself, like Peter, walking on water, taking the lighted path to a new and renewed Hope.  His faithfulness, day after day, sunrise after sunrise, beckoning the world to take part in His creation!

028 036

Days after the retreat, I would close my eyes, and I would remember that moment.  “God, please keep me here in my soul, my mind, and my spirit!”  Cause me never to forget the work that was done, the healing, and the promise that each new day brings a new work–another opportunity to be a part of Your Creation.

“When we are aware, we are more creative.  And when we are more aware of the things of God, God is more creative within us.  It is not our awareness that causes God to be more active, but we become more conscious of the power of God in our lives.” (Bozzuti-Jones, The Womb of Advent, 2007)

Love deliberately

Forgive decidedly

Witness consciously to God’s ongoing act of creation

This deliberate decision is not an act of finality or perfection.  I’m still in the midst of my marriage encounter, as well as facing another season in this life’s journey. I walk alongside friends who are struggling with illness, unspeakable loss, and hurting marriages.  It’s in the journey we can rest in the uncertainty, knowing that God is faithful. As we walk the lighted path home towards His light and love, He promises to keep creating in us, loving us, and holding us.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.  Psalm 51:10




Grace Home Ministries

If you read my previous post, you’ll remember my joy at finding my old Bible–Blueprint for Living.  The following paragraph was written at that time by Bill Bright, founder and president of Campus Crusade For Christ International, in the section called, “An Invitation to Abundant Living”

Christ engages in the hearts of His people.  He revolutionizes lives and, as His people are revolutionized in sufficient numbers, the world will be revolutionized–the world will be changed. Problems in the lives of individuals will be solved as He is given control.  Problems in the political, social, economic, and religious realms will be solved as He is made master in each area.

Grace Home Ministries is revolutionizing the world one person at a time.  As a school social worker I am faced with teen pregnancy, and they have shown up, supported, and creatively met the needs of students that I serve.  Nothing has been too hard or too complicated for them.  In the moment that a client may feel all is lost, they step in and offer hope, healing, and a future story.

Please support them through prayer, finances, volunteering, and by utilizing their services if you need them.  They stand ready to help.  Their strong mentor program is vital.  You can learn more about mentoring and volunteering.  Their services are confidential and will support you in your time of need as a pregnant woman, or man struggling with the news you are going to be a father.

The informational video below will give you a snapshot of the founder’s mission and personal story as well as the services they offer. I personally know the founder, Julie Carden, and she is a determined woman of God filled with the grace and beauty of Jesus’ love for us.  She is available to speak at any organization to share more about Grace Home Ministries, and she offers her testimony to celebrate how God revolutionized her life so she can serve others.

Kenn Tico

Someone recommended this Cuban restaurant.  After a long week of preparing for my capstone client presentation, we desired to reconnect as a family.  We love visiting unique places and experiencing different cultures.  Kenn Tico sounded like a great place for lunch before we would go to All Fired Up and do a little shopping.


All Fired Up


Parish fell in love with Cubano sandwiches years ago.  We had a dinner party and the Cubano sandwich was the main course.  So, naturally, this restaurant appealed to us.

Our waiter was a young man who lived in the area and was attending college at VCU. He noted that he would eat often at the restaurant and fell in love with the food so much that he wanted to work there!  He was a great waiter and very attentive.

We started off with the Triple Cuban Dipper in which you could choose three appetizer dishes.  Our three were the following:

Tamales Cubano: Cornmeal and seasoned pork stuffed and wrapped in a cornhusk.

Mini Papa Rellenas:  Breaded potato stuffed with spiced ground beef served with ham, cheese and Cuban tostadas.

Yuca Frita:  Fried Yuca sticks served with cilantro & garlic oil sauce.

Parish and I loved the Tamales.  The seasoned pork and onions were savory.  The girls loved the Yuca Frita because it tasted like a yummy french fry.  By the way, they have a children’s menu for those who are not so adventuresome.  My youngest said her chicken tenders and fries were the best she has ever had.

Parish ordered his favorite, the Cubano Classico

Cubano Classico:  Old time flavor sandwich, grilled Cuban bread with sliced pork, ham, swiss cheese, a touch of pickles, and mustard.


I enjoyed the chicken soup


and the Arroz Moro: White rice, black beans, mixed with spiced onions and peppers.


We were able to meet Kenny and Tico! They were engaging and loved to talk to you about their recipes and love for Cuban food.  Our waiter stated that they began their journey with a food cart selling their Cuban delicacies. They have been in their restaurant for approximately five years.


The restaurant is located at 204 East Grace Street, Richmond, VA.  They proudly serve “the most authentic Cuban cuisine & beverages in Richmond.”

Cuban Tamales are unique in that the meat is mixed in with the dough and not used as a filling like Mexican Tamales.  My husband just yelled this from the other room while looking for a recipe to cook Cuban Tamales at home!  Love that man!


My girls loved being in the city and seeing all the sights and sounds.  We were able to share with our 11-year-old where Cuba was on the map, and share some history.


We sat next to the window so we could enjoy the city and each other.  They also played fun Cuban music in which we danced.  My teenage daughter announced, “How embarrassing!”   It’s not a fun-filled day until you embarrass one of your children!  🙂

Two thumbs up for this authentic and casual Cuban restaurant!