Rose of Sharon

A blog post from Louise Lloyd, my mother.  My mother and father have been living in the “Rose of Sharon” home with us for about nine years.  Her Rose of Sharon trees are blooming!

Tom and Louise Lloyd, married 58 years this August 13, 2015

Every morning in my quiet time, God has a bouquet of fresh flowers for me to enjoy. This morning God gave me many thoughts about my love for the Rose of Sharon.

The Rose of Sharon blooms only live 24 hours. In the morning when  the sun comes up they open and greet the day with a full bloom. This is an awesome, good morning, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear the call of God. You receive them with open arms– a fresh bouquet.

Every morning, as the afternoon slowly pass into the night, so does the flower. It falls to the ground and another bud starts its life to bring me a fresh bouquet. In this time many impressions speak to my heart.   God,  thank you for your beauty. I remember when it made me happy to plant at least fifteen of these little trees around our home. I call this the home of Rose of Sharon.


Remembering how I was told the original tree came from our Grand mamma Hankins, all my siblings have a Rose of Sharon in their yard. Just recently we visited the private graveside (on a farm ) where our brother was buried many years ago before I was born. My sister, Mary, wanted a stone on his grave. We all got together and got a marker. When the stone was placed we took a Rose of Sharon and planted it.

I remember Mary singing “When the roll is called up yonder, I will be there!” Eugene said I told him it would be standing on our next visit to help us locate the grave site.  It had been about 8 years since we planted the tree and there it was standing up above all the overgrown underbrush. Blooming. That was a good moment!

I was reminded of choices and intentional planning. Yes, God I get it! You were with me directing me about eight years ago–generational beauty  to pass on.  I get a fresh bouquet every morning in 2015. Thank you Jesus.

011 photo (4)

I have a friend I gave a tree to and she planted it in a pot and it sits on her deck. She texts me often telling me how many booms she has each morning!   Her own bouquet from God.

I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys.  Song of Solomon 2:1

4 Comments Add yours

  1. William Vickers says:

    I just love our “rose” and “lilly”!! Beauty that can’t be hidden!!


    1. Thank you Pop. We love you and are CONSTANTLY uplifted because of you and your love. ❤️


  2. charbelangia says:

    Great reminder! I have two rose of sharon bushes in my yard. One is a huge double one and the other is a dwarf single. I love them both! God is great and gives me bouquets all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤️ how beautiful that we share that in common! I will think of you each time I see a bloom!


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