This day is sweeter than you know

I was recently asked to share the “thought of the day” using the “word of the day”–

It was perfect God timing, but not good timing in my mind.  A recent loss in our community made me question the word hope.  So when I was asked to speak on hope, I literally said out loud, “No way! God, really?!”  A dear friend of mine prayed for me, and she shared an incredible devotion on hope. (If you are reading this Leah, please post your devotional!)  On the way to the service, I drove behind a car with a license plate–3 Hope.  God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, our eternal hope.  God speaks to our soul and connects thoughts, circumstances, and questions using His Word and His love through others.

This day is sweeter than you know.  Live in the moment and embrace Hope.

Thought of the Day

It is said, that “hope differed makes the heart-sick but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life”. Our vision of things hoped for may not always align with the reality that we are living in. How can we be hopeful even when life does not turn out the way we had hoped?

I have learned three important lessons about Hope:

First, we embrace confident expectation and a firm assurance that all things, no matter how disappointing, will work together for our good, or someone else’s good.

Secondly, we turn from the disappointment and embrace the blessings. We are grateful for the longings that have been fulfilled. We are hopeful for future longings fulfilled.

Lastly, we all have the ability to be hope givers. When someone leaves your presence are they more hopeful about their future or circumstances?

Today—change your mindset

  • I will embrace confident expectation and firm assurance in my circumstances.
  • I will embrace the blessings and longings fulfilled.
  • I will choose words and actions that offer hope to others.

Last night my sweet girl sang to me.  Her life is a longing fulfilled, and a blessing.  We sat on the sofa singing.  No television, no busyness, just rest and song.

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  1. Libby says:

    Bless you, Anna. I needed this today. Just another example of God working through others to help us. Thank you so very much. Lots of love to your wonderful family! Libby


    1. Libby,
      Bless you. Praying for you. It’s so amazing how God loves us through His people. LOTS of love to your wonderful, amazing family!


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