You are Part of God’s Perfect Plan

Thank you Teresa for reminding me of God’s Perfect Plan…..


God planned the smallest of detail on the day He formed the earth,

And, just as carefully, He planned

each detail of your birth–

He knew the color of your eyes,

the texture of your hair,

The circumstances of your days,

each how and when and where,

And God has had a perfect plan

from all eternity

To touch the lives of others

through the lives of you and me–

He blesses us and fills us

with a joy beyond all measure,

For He considers each of us

a rare and priceless treasure.

By Emily Matthews from Moments of Inspiration

As a family or individual, I encourage you to watch this video by Louie Giglio entitled HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD.  It is the full length video and worth every minute of your time.

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