“Miracle Space”

018There is this place I call “miracle space”.  It’s the space in which God’s glory is revealed in the colors of our world, the smells, shapes, sounds, contours, and textures all round us. It’s the space not found looking at the rose, but the gazing of the symmetrical layers of the rose petals, the vibrant color, and small stem that holds the flower up for all to see! God will point out the seemingly simple things I pass by every day, and His hand and heart guides me to the miracle space. It’s the complex in simplistic form. The woodwork on the banister, a hinge on the door, a bird preening, the smell of oregano versus lavender (how does God do that?!), the tears from chopping onions,

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and how the light moves into our home and illuminates an object. The light seems to emphasize and tell a story–“Look!”

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Today, I am overwhelmed with “miracle space”. Did I ever notice the mother’s hands wrapped around her child, and the contentment on the child’s face? A mother’s love revealed and cherished. I stand in awe of artists who create beauty, chef’s who cook aromatic delicacies, and the clutter in my home that is filled with threads, wood, glue, various materials and take up space.  I praise God for His handiwork and glory all around me.

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Life!  Breathe it in!  Smell it!  Feel it! Capture it in your soul and see it as a miracle!


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To my sweet sister recovering from major surgery, I pray you can look around your space and see miracles.  I pray God shines His glory through your window and illuminates a precious something and tells you a story of comfort and peace.

015 001

Oh Jesus–thank you for being present and illuminating our miracle space.


I am grateful for the abundance and blessings in my life.


If you are reading this and find your miracle space–send me a picture or comment!  I’d love to hear from you.

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From my husband, the chef, he called this “Meatballs in the Sun”


My friend Char’s Miracle Space

“Forever Thankful”

Char took these two pictures on Thanksgiving morning.  She was there praying with her dogs, and when she opened her eyes..


Just minutes before the sun rising, she described the area as the color grey. When she opened her eyes all the colors, God’s handiwork and love, were all around her!


Aunt Shirley’s Miracle Space

My miracle space is my flower bed. To see it now is not much, but I know Spring is coming and from the ” nothing” it is how God will bring the dead to life! I can relax there and see the mighty hand of my Lord.

 My daughter Vivian got up to cook with me. She looked out the window and exclaimed, “Why is the sky so purple?” We joyfully ran outside to see our miracle space and capture the glory of God!


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  1. Shirley Gibbs says:

    My miracle space is my flower bed. To see it now is not much but I know Spring is coming and from the ” nothing” it is now God will bring the dead to life! I can relax there and see the mighty hand of my Lord.

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    1. Dear Shirley, A wonderful day to remember the eternal life so beautifully displayed in your garden. I can picture you there, and when I do, it warms my heart and soul. God does bring the dead to life! I praise God for Him and you!


  2. Charlene says:

    Beautiful! Praise God! My miracle place is by my pond. Not sure how to upload photos of it here.


    1. Char, I can’t wait to upload your beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing your miracle space!


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