Freedom: The Sweetness of Water and The Care of Your Temple

On my mat, I’m at peace. In a room with others, you have your space to work out your physical, emotional, and spiritual soul work. I’ve come to appreciate this tiny space in which I breathe, move, and strive.  I know with assurance that no one will invade my little island of individual work, but my eyes scan the room and I notice that I’m not alone–I’m not an island unto myself. There are others around me who come hoping to work and to be healed. They look different from me, but we all have the same thing in common–we are human beings.

As we listen to the rhythm of the instructor’s voice guiding us from one position to another, I’m struck by the thought of our differences, yet we all hear one voice. Personally, for me, that voice symbolizes the Holy Spirit, who teaches, convicts, and guides us in truth. There are times when I feel empowered and full of a strong, courageous will to risk. There are times I lay on my mat with silent tears. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, your mat, your experience is yours. There are times in which the only goal is to “stay in the room”. Stay present. Without comparing yourself to others, or awaiting the voice of “can’t you do better”, you rest in the knowledge that, today, I will slow down.  Be still. Be present. God loves me no matter what condition I find myself in. As my body sweats, I am overwhelmed with a cleansing of not only my physical body, but also my mind and soul as I pray and worship.

As your body begins to heal from the inside out, you realize how sweet the water is in your container next to you. You take a sip and you wonder how water can be this sweet and refreshing. You strive, stretch, strain, and then you drink. His living water ever-present, sweet, and nourishing.

As I practice in other places, I find a sense of community. A place where I can be me, on my mat, loving Jesus in the midst of other human beings who share a need to belong and to heal on this earth.

We all have our place or practice. I have a friend who rides her bike, another friend who adores walking, and another who is a marathon runner. My 87-year-old mother gardens and communes with God in the birds singing, the smell of the soil and flowers, and the gentle rain that falls in the afternoon on her skin. Take notice of all the beauty in caring for your temple. He created your physical being, and He delights in your care for the body He has given you.

I’m eternally grateful to my dear friend Kathleen Doyle for the encouragement and invite. She made the difference and changed my life!!!! Beautiful soul. She’s below after a flower that reminds me of her encouragement.

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  1. Kim Lemite says:

    I love the space created by collective yoga. The “oneness” of moving, breathing and Being allows me to sink deeper into the process- where two or more are gathered in my name He is present.


    1. Oh YES SISTER! His precious presence is there when you lead us.


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