I’ve Been Waiting For You

I can’t find my book, Gift From the Sea. It’s hidden in some secret hide-a-way place in which I was hopeful for a quiet moment. It’s probably better that I can’t find it so the words come from the heart instead of the book. There is a chapter in which she talks about the miracle of oneness. Mother and newborn baby and husband and wife during their dating season.  Everyone knows that feeling of such attachment to another human being that nothing or no one could come between you. This season of attachment and bliss brings such joy and the bonding necessary to ultimately let go and move into the next phase. Children grow up. Dating turns into marriage with bills, parenting, and jobs. We can’t sit and gaze at each other all day. We get up from the table, hold hands, and face the world together. The miracle of relationships is that time does not invalidate the meaning of a moment or a season. Rocking chairs and nursing, holding hands for the first time, and saying “I do” all have their meaning in time that creates what I often say is our “love story”.

When you live long enough, you can look back and connect such a deep meaning that gives you courage to face the future. I don’t worry about tomorrow because I have a God who has been so incredibly faithful that no matter what comes or how I behave (which can be childlike at times), He has it all figured out. I don’t nurse babies anymore, but I nurse the legacy of love in my family. I don’t get dressed in a separate dwelling awaiting Parish to pick me up for a date, but I awaken each morning to a man who adores me and wants the best for his family.

As my mom sat next to me to the right and Victoria to the left, we held hands and listened to the song “I’ve Been Waiting for  You” during the movie, Mamma Mia 2 Here We Go Again. My heart swelled as I saw this young woman, my age when I had Victoria, giving birth to her daughter. My mother was there with me. During a challenging time in my life she never left me. She welcomed Victoria into the world and our lives were forever changed. I, too, witnessed my grand-daughter’s birth, and held the hand of Victoria. 27 years later, I’m doing for her what my mom did for me. So the moments grow and build a legacy that we don’t really see in the day-to-day, or the ordinary, but every once in a while God shows us. You hold hands, cry, and your soul swells with passion. Passion for life and the eternal love that only Jesus can give.

Miracles. They happen every day in your relationships. Every word spoken, memory made, and conflict worked through writes your song. Enjoy the harmony and the times of dissonance.

A note from my mother the next morning after the movie:

Dear Anna, Victoria, Valentina, and Vivian

What an eventful evening….four generations of a family still together…with all their differences…loving and supporting each other in their crazy loving way…it still happens….We all have our story and it makes beautiful music. With God all things are possible….life is exciting. Tom and I have a great family. We make good music. All is well and they all lived happily every after.

“I’ve Been Waiting For You”
(originally by ABBA)
(from “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” soundtrack)

I, I have known love before
I thought it would no more
Take on a new direction
Still, strange as it seems to be
It’s truly new to me
That affection, I don’t know what you do
You make me think that you
Will change my life forever
I, I’ll always want you near
Give up on you, my dear I will neverYou thrill me, you delight me
You please me, you excite me
You’re all that I’ve been yearning for
I love you, I adore you
I lay my life before you
I only want you more and more
And finally it seems my lonely days are through
I’ve been waiting for youI’ll carry you all the way
And you will choose the day
When you’re prepared to greet me
I’ll be a good mum, I swear
You’ll see how much I care
When you meet meYou thrill me, you delight me
You please me, you excite me
You’re all that I’d been yearning for
I love you, I adore you
I lay my life before you
I only want you more and moreAnd finally it seems my lonely days are through
I’ve been waiting for you
I’ve been waiting for you

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