Adventure and Romance: Capital Hill D.C.

Parish and I love to get away and enjoy the beauty and culture of another town or city. This year we celebrated 30 years of marriage, and he planned an extended weekend to Capital Hill in D.C. We came here many years ago for an anniversary and stayed in a Bed and Breakfast.

The older you become, the wiser and more experienced at having fun! Here is our amazing get-a-way experience if you’d like to plan a trip, too!

Where we stayed. 

Cozy, Comfortable Capital Hill

We stayed in an Airbnb! Just like the title conveys–the place was cozy, comfortable, and the hostess was accommodating and kind. From the moment we stepped into the dwelling, we knew that we would experience the comforts of home with touches of romance and welcome. The bed was comfortable with plush sheets and soft comforter. There were spaces to sit and enjoy a conversation, and a romantic fireplace in the bedroom in which they provided wood. Upon arrival, they shared a bottle of wine to welcome you. They also have your basic necessities in the bathroom and kitchen. Just outside the door is a little table to enjoy the morning with your coffee. We came during a snow squall. Just enough to coat the city with beauty. I loved hearing the birds and the sounds of the city. People passing by were friendly. The neighborhood consisted of young professionals with their growing families, and older folks like us. I loved the sound of children at play in the local park, and taking walks to Eastern Market and Union Market.  Parish enjoyed the kitchen, and he brought his own cast iron pan. We enjoyed cooking meals and relaxing. They have a sofa bed in the living room area which would accommodate extra guests. I loved our private entrance. We had an intimate weekend together and enjoyed our privacy, but the hostess was just a call or text away when we needed her. Excellent response time! They had books throughout the apartment, and we enjoyed exploring the titles. We lit a fire, and Parish read from an old book by Edgar Allen Poe.


What we did.

Walk! You are within walking distance to The Mall, The Capital, Union Market, Eastern Market, and anything D.C. We are pretty fit due to a year of Whole 30 and loosing weight, so walking miles to go places was invigorating and doable. We forgot hat and gloves so stopped at a corner market called Capital Hill Supermarket near the house. The market was filled with all you need in a pinch and then some! It reminded me of Libbie Market in Richmond.

There is so much to do in D.C. that we decided to enjoy what the locals do. My son-in-law agreed with us. He shared over text how fun it is to get involved in the fun, every day activities of the folks who live and work where you are visiting.  Our first day we walked to Eastern Market and had dinner at a local restaurant called The Box Car Tavern. Along the way we noticed the architecture of the older homes and an older church that was purchased, and they are renovating into an apartment building. We passed by the local park and interacted with people enjoying an evening stroll or jog. At the market, we purchased cheese, olives, grape leaves, bacon, and quail eggs. These items proved to be delicious later on for an afternoon snack and a unique breakfast. Have you eaten a quail egg? We had them fried and hard boiled. They taste a little “earthy”, and they are delicious. Parish liked them hard-boiled best. They suggest pickling the eggs for a better taste, or you can make tiny deviled eggs.


The Box Car Tavern was a place that locals went to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.  It reminded me of the old sitcom, Cheers! They had typical pub food and it was reasonably priced.

After a great walk, shopping, and good food, we settled into our apartment with the fireplace and a game of poker.

They had two games available–Poker and Trivial Pursuit. I usually do not win at card games, but this night I was the gambler! One of our favorite songs to sing, too!

The next morning, we walked to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.  We had so much fun learning about the presidents, influential people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. The museum is interactive so you an experience that time in history. A great place for children. You were able to experience what Rosa Parks may have felt and heard, and stand next to MLK while he gave a speech. We even recorded ourselves singing “You’re the One that I want!” from the musical Grease.

We had lunch at Capital City Brewing Company. They had excellent Old Bay wings, great atmosphere, and wait staff. We walked home by way of Chinatown. It was interesting to visit, but we were pretty tired, so did not stop and eat or visit any shops.


We were wiser on Saturday and decided to buy the day pass for Capital Bike Share. We absolutely LOVED riding bikes to Union Market, Dupont Circle, The Warf, and Georgetown. Yes! We visited all of these places using the bike share and walking!

Union Market was one of our favorite places to visit. The family fun atmosphere with outdoor seating was festive and wonderfully inviting. We visited each vendor and tried small portions until we just could not eat another bite. Of course if you play 80’s music, we are hooked! We left there to go the The District Wharf.

The District Wharf was incredibly clean, so much to do, and unique shops. We made smores by the fire, listened to music, visited shops, and the best was the fish/seafood market! Oh my! If we lived here, just like the locals, we would shop here every day! Fresh! Inviting! So many options! It was Super Bowl Sunday so folks were out buying their seafood for the upcoming party! So fascinating to hear the negotiating and arguing over prices!  One shop had excellent fresh meat, cheeses, and breads along with a restaurant–Officina.   I shared with my youngest that I heard her song– Love Someone, by Lukas Graham serenading us across the water. As a I watched folks smiling and loving, I realized how truly blessed I am to be loved by Parish, and how you “have to make room” if you love someone. It was great to “make room” for us and remember.

Our last day, we decided to travel to Dupont Circle and Georgetown. This was the longest trek we took on our bikes and rode back to the place in rush hour traffic. It was fun to see everyone getting off from work and hearing them talk about their day as you waited at an intersection.

We ate at a Greek Restaurant in Dupont, and explored the neighborhood of Georgetown and its shops. We actually walked to Georgetown which was beautiful. It was only 1.2 miles from our location in Dupont Circle. It was fun to read the embassy signs on the homes. We also visited the oldest home in D.C. which is a National Park!

We left Capital Hill around 7:00 p.m. on Monday. We were exhausted from the day, but did not want to leave. How can we leave this magical weekend? We made great time leaving at that hour to avoid rush hour traffic. We stopped at one of our favorite Richmond restaurants called Joe’s Inn. Over 30 years ago, we had our first date night there. We sat in our booth and reminisced and talked about our weekend. I remember how Parish placed his hand gently on my knee under the table, and we held hands for the first time. We took old romance books and journals. Some of the writings were over 15 years old.


While away, there was a Facebook post about our daughter’s baptism, and we loved getting pictures of their fun times while we were away. In fact, my youngest shared that she truly had a great time with her sisters and her grandparents. It’s good to get out of the way so folks can connect and do fun things together.


Some fun videos:

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