What verb describes love for you?


The greatest of these is love.

God is love.

Love is a verb.

We are all familiar with these Biblical truths that have weaved into the fabric of every day living. As we celebrate 30 years of marriage, we are purposeful in spending time together and remembering.  Parish and I realize that our accomplished years are solely due to the grace of God–He truly is love. As I reflect on that young, goofy couple from the 80’s with Aqua Net hair, Levi jeans, and dreams, I’m reminded of a journey filled with grace and His love.

Last night I read in my devotional that if love is a verb, then love’s verb is give. “For God (who is love) so loved the world that he gave….(John 3:16)

I think love can be more than the verb give, but I was intrigued by the notion that if I had to pick one verb to describe love, what would that verb be?

“Fulfilling lives happen when we give our heart to fill other people’s empty spaces.” Ann Voskamp

How does this work so that we don’t enable or completely become enmeshed?

The law of fulfillment or abundance is in the giving, not the getting.  Logic tells us to take in order to be filled, but God says, let MY LOVE fill you and believe that this love is capable of filling the broken spaces and places in the world around you.

My marriage has been a testimony to crying out to God, being filled, and facing another day of brokenness. Over time the broken pieces have created a mosaic of colors, unfinished edges, and grace. We gave when giving was the last thought; yet, we believed in the promises of God. A giving God.

30 years. 3 decades of coming back to this realization in the smallest of irritants to the darkest of moments. I rejoice in our failed attempts and the ridiculous. We are two human beings trying to figure this out with God on our side.

With the knowledge that God is love, and the truth of His ultimate give–Jesus–we can live and die knowing our love truly was a journey in faith. Parish and I have moved from the word love to cherish. After 30 years, you have days of the mundane, but deeply rooted in those days is the word cherish. We are working on the word cherish.

“Learning to truly cherish each other turns marriage from an obligation into a delight. It lifts marriage above a commitment to a precious priority.” Gary Thomas

Key word–learning! As I write, I reflect back to the concept or truth that love is a verb. To cherish, to find delight in your spouse, would take action.  For every delightful thing you do has meaning, purpose, and intentional action behind it. Can our marriages become a precious priority?

How will you focus on the word love and cherish within your marriage?

What actionable steps could you take today to give and cherish?

What verb describes love for you? Parish and I would love to hear from you on our blog post. This blog has become such a beautiful place for us to visit and remember. The words you’ve shared here are treasured.

Book recommendation: Cherish: The One Word that Changes Everything for Your Marriage, by Gary Thomas


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