Credo, by Valentina Parish Hebb, June, 2019

I believe in the power of song

the way your emotions can pour out through your voice

the way it moves people’s souls and brings back memories and makes them feel

like they’re wildly alive

the way your stomach feels full of trapped butterflies trying to escape right

before your’re about to perform

the way your soul feels like it’s a roaring fire when you get a standing ovation

the crowd, the roar, the rush of emotion.

But I don’t believe it comes easy. It comes with training and motivation.

I believe we choose how we perform, on stage and off.

I believe that we choose whether to pour out our emotions and make the song

feel like it has a beating heart, or to make it feel like just a simple piece of music

the choice, the energy, the outcome of your performance.

And I believe in the power and control that music and song can have over 

someone’s whole body, including their nerves, brain, soul, and heart.


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