Take a Moment

I recently read a book by Lisa See that illustrated the delicate spirituality of connection. The event, the consequences, the later in life connection to a story woven just for you and those who come in and out of your life for a reason. Some connections are obvious and purposeful–like mentors, friendships, and the love within family and marriage. Age is the revelation of such connections. How many times do we tell young people that time will tell the purpose of this event. Be patient. You will overcome, and you will grow from this happening that seems so insurmountable. You can’t know this, feel this until time has lapsed like the inevitable dawning of a new day time and time again.

If you were to describe your life right now, what would you tell me a typical day looks like?  I’m at a point in my life that every second counts. There is little time for wasting time, and if I could be granted more time, I would use it up on the long list of items undone. Maybe you get me, maybe not. Where I think we can meet together on common ground is that it only takes a moment to influence someone’s day. This conversation with God in my prayer time came about when I noticed my moments around me. I was running around, but my soul eyes decided to slow down the world around me.

Taking an alternate highway due to an accident, my journey helped me see things. A man and woman walking from a laundry mat, each holding an end of a laundry basket of clean clothes. Togetherness. I’m here to hold up my end up in this life we share. Smiling and talking, they walked home to put the clothes away and call it a day.

A sticky note passed to encourage after a long day of training, quieted the mind of perfection. It’s okay. We did our best, and we can grow along with self-compassion.

A text that recognizes the reason why God created this friendship. Two people getting to know each other and surprised by the uncanny way in which this friendship in this season is an unexpected grace gift.

A random note from a child noticing your unconditional and relentless love for them after a morning of a somber exchange, “I”m not telling you to get up again. Get up and get ready for school.”

I’m at work, and I hear a child throwing a tantrum. Across the hall is a child development center in my office building. I imagined in my mind the caregiver, and sent out a little prayer for them. Ill tempered toddlers can send a parent over the edge, especially when they decide to throw down in a public space. Thirty minutes later, I got up to go down the hallway to the restroom. Inside the restroom was the mom of not one toddler, but two. I recognized the screams.  She had her door open to keep an eye on them while she went to the restroom. There they were playing and running around–tumbling, screaming, and laughing. One seemed more rambunctious and the other a follower. Sizing up the situation, I took a risk as the rambunctious one ran to me. I scooped him up, and I brought the other child to my leg.

“What beautiful children!”

She was tired and made apologies for their behavior. She seemed so tired that she could not even respond to the madness of two children running around out of control. “Can I help you get your children to the car?” She said, “That would be great, but I’m actually just going back to the center.” As we walked and talked, she said to me, “You just don’t experience good people in this world. Thank you so much.” This mom reached out and hugged me after I set her children down to play. I whispered to her–“You are a good mother.” This exchange only took a moment.

As I went back to my office, I was overwhelmed with God’s love saying to me, “Anna, it only takes a moment to see and experience my beauty.”

You do this my friend.

Everyday you touch people in seemingly small ways that you may believe doesn’t matter, but they do. Take a moment to see and experience human connection–God’s beauty in you.

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