I can smell

I woke up this morning with my sense of smell leading me down a joyful and grateful path.

Coffee on the front patio and the smell of the flowers in bloom

The smell of rain before it starts to fall

A magnolia tree blooming on our walk

The rain on our skin as we run back to the house

Garbage outside a restaurant

Rose soap and lotion

Coffee on his breath

A local co-op grocery store cooking up healthy food with aromatic spices

The 4 boys in the Sheetz line–rough and tumble smell

My husband’s aftershave

Most of all I miss my daddy’s smell. I stopped for a moment transformed into the memory of his scent and desired to call him. The desire was so strong I almost wondered if it were possible. To call him and say, “I love you Daddy. Happy Father’s Day.”

I am thinking that my sense of smell is particularly strong today because of him–missing him, loving him, and so grateful for the memories.

There are times in my life that words pour out of this ever thinking, feeling, wondering vessel, and other times it just feels good to experience life one moment at a time and sit in the silence. Noticing, smelling, seeing with clarity, and experiencing what each moment is expressing with awe.

This is the Spirit bringing comfort and peace. He is here in our midst.

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