Celebrate Life

Human connection is different for all of us with the common theme of love and belonging. The greatest of introverts is still wired for connection. Throughout our lives we create traditions of connection. Lunch with a group of people, holidays, anniversaries, vacations, work gatherings, and birthdays are just a few examples.

Think back to your gatherings.

I’ve found that we roll through life being creatures of habit but until an event occurs that causes you to stop and ponder your connections, you really do not look deep into the why, the connection’s impact, and the “how” we do life together.

My grand-daughter had a birthday recently. She turned 5. Her parents gave her an Ariel, Little Mermaid, out door party. On a beautiful sunny day, friends and family gathered to hear Ariel sing and read a book, play outdoor water games, and celebrate Adelaide’s life. A village came together to fix food, provide games, laugh, and share the afternoon with each other. The beauty of each soul coming to celebrate and give of their time and resources brought a deeper meaning to me. I’m Gigi. My role has shifted.

Caring for the baby and rocking him asleep while listening to all the moms and dads with their young children from his room made me smile. I no longer had the duty of set up, clean up, and making sure my child’s birthday was a hit. I helped in the gathering but I’m not the parent who is ultimately responsible for every detail.

Like all women, we question our parenting from time to time. God provided an effervescent display along with understanding. You see my mom and dad gave me celebrations. They stopped and took the time to celebrate their children. We, in turn, did the same thing for our children. And, now, my oldest is married, and they are doing the same for our grandchildren. It’s something you can’t really describe. You have to see it and feel it to admire God’s handiwork and promises. I love that my daughter uses her creative soul and passion for her children to provide a magical day. Her husband was right beside her. I also saw how they have built relationships with other parents and their children–community coming together.

If you are a young couple or single parent trying to make the magic, I am here to cheer you on! Every themed birthday and cake you buy is worth it. If you are a grandma, aunt, uncle, or friend who is now on the supporting end of celebrations slow down and take pause of the years. Watching my grand-daughter look around the yard at everyone singing to her and smiling brought tears to my eyes. Yes, my beautiful girl, you are worthy of this celebration and loved beyond measure. Remember this moment when you question your worth. Remember all these people want to see you succeed in life, and when life is hard let us know. You are never alone.

Life is hard. Take a snapshot out of the hardships and chaos. We can recognize reality along with the beauty.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8

God is not calling us to be so positive we are toxic and live in denial. We have things to work on and figure out and in the journey we can “think about such things”.

Play, laugh, celebrate, and embrace hope. Our future generation needs to see adults celebrating and providing space for play and laughter in community.

Thank you Victoria and Spencer for bringing beauty to our lives. Thank you for loving your children with a love that is filled with sacrifice and grace. We see you. We think you are amazing. You got this!

Gigi and Ace

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  1. ashleythomasrn says:

    HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY sweet Adelaide! Thank you for sharing the photos Mrs.Hebb! You and Parish look amazing! Think of y’all often! Enjoy making memories as a family 💕

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    1. Thank you Ashley! I think of you and pray your are making memories and celebrating life! We love you!

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  2. Shirley Gibbs says:

    Great reading Anna. We all need celebration in our lives. Nothing like being Gigi grandma nan mma. Children especially need to be celebrated! They grow knowing they are special God bless

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    1. I remember my celebrations with you Shirley and your love. ❤️


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