Connection, laughter, self-care

Parish and I have travelled for the last few months to NC. During our stay, we were encouraged to “do something fun” and “self-care”. At the close of a meeting, the last 5 minutes is dedicated to this topic and ideas are shared by the families. I thought I would share some ideas that organically came up from our experiences. This is our last weekend here!

Sentence Stems Game

Over pizza we decided to create a game called “No Judgment, No Discussion, Sentence Stem Game”. Okay, I just made that title up. Here is how you play.

  1. Create a funny, curious, challenging, or spicy sentence stem for the person to answer.
  2. They answer with the FIRST thing that comes to mind.
  3. They have about 2-3 minutes to answer.
  4. You say nothing, ask nothing, and no judgment. JUST LISTEN.
  5. They can ask you to answer the same question, or it’s their turn.
  6. Take turns.

I wish I had written down all of our sentence stems! We had silly, serious, spicy, funny, curious stems that brought laughter and tears.

I do remember some:

“Of all the things I love about you, what I love most is…………..”

“My favorite vacation with you was the time we………………”

“I love it when you wear the outfit ………………… because………………”

“If you could change one thing about our relationship it would be……..”

I answered the first one for Parish. I talked about how he does little things with great love. He brings me coffee, shares his cooking with my mom, finds four leaf clovers, cleans my prayer garden. He got teary-eyed. He shared that the affirmation was touching. “I love you.”

Try Something New

We went to a German bakery, road a scooter (SPIN), tried new foods, and went to a Bulls baseball game. We took walks to get to know the neighborhoods. We tried a game place and spent a few hours playing pool and Pac Man. We would cook most of our meals. We fell in love with Harris Teeter! Great place to grocery shop. Try a family market for unique foods: Fosters.

Shared Laughter

There is so much science around shared laughter.

A must listen to podcast:

Why love needs laughter!

We are committed to laugh more at life, each other, and talk about the small things that made us laugh for that day. We’ve even found space to laugh at the ridiculous and painful. If you can’t find humor it’s hard to feel hopeful.

The goal (from the podcast) is to share 3 funny things that happened to you that day with your partner. Great conversations.

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  1. Carolyn Boyce says:

    I love your new adventures! What is the quote; I think this is it . “Laughter is The Best Medicine “

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