21 Spoons

21 Spoons is a great experience in dining. We went out to eat with friends to catch up and spend time together. Sandy recommended this restaurant based on a friend of hers who loved the place. Interestingly, we saw the couple who had recommended the restaurant leaving and stopped to talk. They were celebrating their wedding anniversary. The conversation in passing reminded me of the serendipitous way of life. As we go about our days, we find the Spirit weaving reminders and thoughtful connections that encourage and teach.

Before picking up our friends, we were able to hear our daughter sing her school’s Alma Mater and the opening ceremonies of the football game. She was able to practice with her group during the day and she found a picture of her brother-in-law, Spencer Lamb, who played for TDHS Knights.

Spencer Lamb, #71

Ann and Bill are a team who masterfly create experiences for the young and old through dining and cooking classes for children.


Bill and his wife, Ann, provided an “at home” feeling. They would come and check on us, clear plates, and ask us questions to get to know us. We found out that Bill provides education for a local therapeutic school. He started a culinary curriculum for students who need to believe they can succeed in life and learn the fine art of cooking, serving, and communicating around a meal.

Our table ordered the Smoky Short Ribs, Pork Schnitzel, and Roasted Lamb Meatballs. We shared an apple tart with cinnamon ice cream along with french press decaf coffee. We arrived at 7:30 for our reservation and did not leave until around 10:00. We were able to sit, enjoy the food, and each other’s company.

The restaurant is filled with comfortable “at home” decor and small for a reason–to embrace intimacy and love. Open for dinner on Friday and Saturday only, they offer a unique experience. Reservations are required.

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