3rd Annual Ohana Hebb 2021

Our time together was filled with good food and laughter. We decided to go back to Bear Creek Lake State Park in Cumberland,VA. The location allows for unique work schedules and college students to attend. Close to home but far enough into the woods to have a weekend with God’s beautiful world.

Yesterday, my mind and body got up early to grade papers. With Pip, our tuxedo cat, in the window, the birds singing, and the rising of the sun with just enough breeze, I was reminded of the healing properties of nature if we stop and listen and truly feel the sensations of His creations. The early morning has always been a sanctuary for me.

“Here you are all alone,

but more connected than you think.

The forest is thriving,

the trees are talking,

cicadas roaring

foxes humming.

enjoy the song.

Keep traveling

to where the wilderness is unraveling


and let the rhythms of this place

bear the weight of your heavy mind.” (Morgan Harper Nichols, How Far You Have Come, pg. 8)

Thank you Lisa for my new book for my birthday.

The Schedule

October 22 Friday

Family Check In and set up in your cabin!

October 23 Saturday

Family breakfast in your cabin

12:00-3:00 Whole Family Lunch at Parish and Anna’s Cabin 11

What to bring:

Parish and Anna will provide hamburgers and hotdogs with condiments and appropriate toppings

Others who are coming:

Bring your favorite side and favorite dessert and post what you are bringing

Six pack of water to add to a cooler and your favorite beverages as needed

A pumpkin for each person in your family who wants to carve, stickers, markers, paints, whatever you want to use for carving, and sharing

Your COVID fun items like masks, sanitizer, etc.……. 

Your Ohana shirt or sweatshirt for pictures

3:00 – 7:00 Time with your family, rest, eat dinner, canoe, etc….

7:00ish S’mores

October 24

Your family time and check out at 10:00. Text and Toot when you leave. If you are staying over as a family, this is your time with your family to chill and connect. Enjoy! 

We made t-shirts this year! I highly recommend the The Tee Room!

October 22, Friday

Anna, Parish, Valentina, and Drake arrived at the cabin around 5:00. We helped Carrie unpack her car and set up. We spent the next few hours setting up the cabin. We then had taco night and played Taboo. Grandma Lorrie and Levin stopped by with cabin decorations and joy! Valentina showed us some old pictures on her phone. I loved the one of her and Victoria.

October 23, Saturday

Parish and I woke up to take a walk with a good cup of coffee. My mom, Victoria, and Adelaide showed up later that morning and I showed my mom the beautiful water and trail before getting started with cooking. Parish worked all day preparing food, cooking, and brought his special treat of funnel cakes. His servant heart was noticed, and his love for cooking shined through! We also had a wonderful time with the cousins doing crafts that included carving pumpkins, painting suncatchers, and making decorations like unicorns. They also have a fun playground for the children. In the pictures below, notice the beaver’s handiwork on a tree! Thank you Grandma Lorrie for a beautiful prayer to center our love.

One of the most favorite things we did was play BINGO with Grandma Lorrie! She brought yummy prizes! We played a funny game of Taboo. It was good to laugh! Valentina made paper airplanes and spent time with Adelaide making them fly! One of Parish’s favorite things to do, too.

Our family t-shirts made for great photos! Thank you Tee Room!

We had Smores’ at Carrie’s Cabin so we could listen out for the children. We also had leftovers’ from lunch and sparklers! I found this cool powder you could add to the fire to make it glow different colors! Thank you to my friend Regina for camping lights! They were a big hit!

Some of us decided to stay an extra day. Victoria had to head back for Adelaide to sing in church. She took grandma Louise home. Parish and I had the afternoon and the next morning to enjoy as a couple. We took walks, cooked pizza on our new pizza stone, played games from the Sunday paper, watched a movie, and enjoyed a lunch together on Monday before the “big clean up” after camping. It was fun to see the Whites on our walk fishing and enjoying each other as a family. We enjoyed archery on Sunday morning. Adelaide lost her first tooth, too! How special to be with her and celebrate the coming of the Tooth Fairy!

It was nice to watch the sunrise on Monday morning and see the ripples on the water.

I enjoyed my alone time with you, Parish. We needed this. It was nice to use my special napkins from my friend Pat. We read the comic strip and laughed at some of the punch lines. We loved Pickles, my mom and dad’s favorite.

I enjoyed looking back in the cabin journal from last year’s entry, and finding pictures pop up on my Facebook memories of our time together as a family many years ago.

Sweet Adelaide Singing at Church on Sunday “Do Lord!”
Ripples on the Water
Magical Fire

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  1. ashleythomasrn says:

    What wonderful memories were made while enjoying God’s creation! Great photos and videos! Adaline did a great job!

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    1. Thank you so much my friend.. It is a great time of the year for us to gather and connect as a family.

      Liked by 1 person

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