Beauty and Courage To Know Your Worth

I came across a word that I did not know. I could understand the meaning in the context of the sentence, but, if asked, I could not give a definition. I asked my husband. “No, I don’t know that one.” We looked it up together, and we found the meaning of “erudite” (having or showing great knowledge or learning). The chapter was comparing the works of scholars to the writings of John Bunyan. John was poor and uneducated by worldly standards; however, God used him to write and publish books that drew us closer to God.

“But that is just how the Lord delights to work–taking the sidelined and the overlooked and giving them quietly pivotal roles in the unfolding of redemptive history.” (Ortlund)

John was described by Orlund as “opening the heart of Christ to readers”. There is a verse I ran across one afternoon while watching the sun set from the deck of Summerwinds. It was quiet and peaceful. In the background I had worship music playing. The verse encouraged us to “publish good tidings”. We all have our way of “publishing”. Some write, speak, or paint. Others may dance, sing, or act. Maybe you homeschool or work in an office. Wherever you are the Lord delights in your work and quietly your work will influence others.

Sometimes we don’t see it or feel it, but it’s happening. My daughter sent me a text with a quote that expressed gratitude for your existence and declared your worth.

Summerwinds has been such a beautiful place to stay. The colors upstairs of sea salt blue reflect the sun and you feel you are in the clouds, the windows pour the sun’s light in, and the birdwatching has been delightful. We went fishing, too! One morning, I got a pillow and laid my body down on the deck. Taking a nap on the deck with the sun and listening to the birds and waves physically and emotionally rejuvenated my body. I took the time to put a rose smelling face mask on that Victoria bought me from her Farmasi products. The smell of roses is so soothing. I believe God rejoices when we take care of the body He entrusted us with. It’s like you are caring for the treasure He sees in you. Your body is a temple to be cared for and cherished. I also believe that a home is an expression of a person. Kim and Mike’s home at the beach is an extended expression of their values and love for others. Their home provides the guest a place to “live their best life” and reflect.

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