Come away with me

Come away with me and walk my journey, our journey

Let me be an individual searching and seeking the unknown and the familiar

Dance with me the rhythm of life, sunrise, sunset

Brown sugar melted with butter and baking bread

Learning of cultures around the world, God’s people, who bring a new perspective and way to see ourselves

Music, trying something new, and making plans

Come away with me and walk my journey, our journey

Let me cry, get angry, and question tomorrow

Hold my head next to your chest, whisper you love me

Smoke from the grill and aromas floating into the window

Learning more about the God who created us and letting go

Laughter, seeing hope in our eyes for each other

Come away with me and walk my journey, our journey

Let me wonder, create, and discover new territory

Worship with me and be grateful for our breathe, fresh water, and the beauty in our backyard

Endless projects, the smell of paint, tasks unfinished

Casting away doubt through faith and commitment, grace and mercy

Come away with me and walk my journey, our journey

Let us together laugh and face our future with great joy

Wade in the waters together, the sun casting symmetry onto waves

God’s creations are perfectly ordered. He is trustworthy. The constant of the sun rising and setting. The science of symmetry in all He has created. We may feel chaos, but when we look at His beauty we find rest and peace in knowing all things are ordered and have a purpose.

First days with the whole week ahead, last day and heading home, escape and reality

Laying beside each other in the familiar space, hope and courage

To know, To love, To have, To hold, To release knowing it will come back to you

Come away with me…

Anna L. Hebb

The smell of sweet rolls in a cast iron pan and this documentary touched my soul. I encourage you to watch the documentary to appreciate the expressions of people through music and their stories. Oh how their stories will bless you and touch your mind in such a powerful way. Open your heart to be blessed.

I loved how the clouds covered the moon’s light but we know it’s still there. We may face the darkness but we can trust that His light is always there to guide us.

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