Only for the day

The cover art for a little devotional book called The Upper Room that I grabbed on the way out of Fair Haven United Methodist church in Rondanthe is a beautiful piece of art!

Artist: Cody Miller; Article read in book is by Erin Pearce in the September-October 2021 Issue

The picture displays three generations of women trusting God for manna. I pray that God will fill your day with manna (grace and provision) as needed. I pray, like the Israelites, you collect and experience just the right amount for today’s challenges and trust that tomorrow will bring a fresh provision.

I pray you can give and receive in abundance knowing that God will provide even in scarcity and abundance. We trust that He provides for everyone each day. We know that His grace and manna from heaven are just what we need, so we do not compare or worry. We are trusting that He will work out His love story in all the current generations and those to come. We look back on the generations before us and realize that our very existence stems from God’s provision and faithfulness. No matter the generational stories, we know who provides manna, and we are comforted.

Lord, be our peace this day.

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