More Joy

My last post on creating space for joy has made me ever aware of the opportunities to experience joy.

The other morning I was listening to “House of the Lord” by Phil Wickham. I’ve shared the video below, and I am listening to this song again as I write!

This is one of my favorite songs to sing with the praise band at church. WHEW! Glory! I was listening, singing, dancing, and the presence of joy through visualizing a friend’s father dancing in THE house of the Lord created a space for joy so full I started to cry and say, “Yes! I see you!” “You are healed and can walk again!” “You are completely healed in your mind!”

“Let the house of the Lord sing praise!” Oh what peace that surpasses all understanding!

Let me share some words with you from the song…

We were the beggars
Now we’re royalty
We were the prisoners
Now we’re running free
We are forgiven, accepted
Redeemed by His grace
Let the house of the Lord sing praise

Do you ever feel like a beggar for acceptance and healing? Do you ever want to know what it feels like to REALLY run free? This man, today, is in paradise–his forever home! He was a man with serious illness, no legs, and his mind is now set free, too!

In our grief, we also rejoice.

Last night, I heard my daughter’s chamber choir sing the song Barter.

Oh, I want to give all I have and never count the cost! Each day we experience a breath of ecstasy and give all we have been, or could be. The Spirit’s still delight and Holy thoughts come rushing in and we count it as joy! Parish and I sat on the front row. As we watched we no distractions, the words hit me so hard in my mind and soul! Those moments, Anna, are so precious! Never take them for granted, and choose “life!”

I know we are in challenging times and those conversations need to happen, too. I have them often. Add to them ecstasy and joy! Embrace life! As you listen to the concert below, the words to the song Barter pops up for awhile so I will always have them to read. Scroll past to listen to them sing! Mr. Barrack and the ladies were so passionate. I wish I had a better video camera. I could feel their energy light up the room! Thank you Mr. Barrack. Thank you.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Parish says:

    That was GREAT seeing them! Very moving. Glad we could hear them on the video, but, yes, newer phones have better video than iPhone6. šŸ™‚

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    1. I love sitting next to you and experiencing life together. I love you, Parish.


  2. ashleythomasrn says:

    Wonderful singing ladies! Loved the expressions and passion while singing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Passion in music brings the joy. Thank you for watching and noticing.

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