Graduation 2022

Looking back, a friend and soul sister, shared this memory of our daughters singing a duet, “In His Eyes”. We were in a state of “awe” as they delivered their recital piece to us. Keep singing and supporting each other.

The night before graduation and after graduation practice that day, her friends went to Build a Bear to make graduation bears as a memory. They spent the night and played games. Oh the laughter we heard all night long brought such joy and excitement! I had to work but would go down stairs on my breaks to check in on them. Valentina made little bags for them that included a poem (spoken in video below). I encouraged them to write letters to their future selves, and I would mail to them in a year. They added the idea to write encouraging notes to each other within the letter! We are so proud of Marlon’s accomplishments of valedictorian and included his speech, too.

Marlon sent me this text shortly after graduation and my heart was full of gratitude. Marlon YOU brought such joy and hope to our home. Thank you. Those quarantine years and doing school online at the Hebb house will never be forgotten. THANK YOU for showing up and loving on US!

i know i say it a lot but i’ll say it again. i truly appreciate you and valentina for being such CRITICAL people in my life. the main reason why i was able to speak to over 600 people yesterday is because of last year and how you quickly turned your home into a school. what i said on stage yesterday was a fraction of what i really wanted to say, and if i had more time i guarantee that you would have been given a shout out 


 although we won’t see each other as much in the future just know that i love and appreciate you and your personality and your home and simply everything about you 


Graduation was on May 25 at 7:00 at night! Whew! A long day at work and the anticipation made us all excited to be there and celebrate! Valentina had to ride on the bus to graduation because of her choir singing The National Anthem and Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Victoria, Spencer, Grandma Louise, Anna, Parish, Vivian, and Cody were able to attend. We missed Papa and reminisced about all the graduations we had attended at The Siegel Center at VCU.

Valentina will be headed to Richard Bland Junior College in the Fall of 2022 to begin her studies in Psychology.

Thank you to everyone who came out on June 5, 2022 to celebrate Valentina’s Graduation. We appreciate you and your love.

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  1. ashleythomasrn says:

    Awesome Singing, speech and photos! Congratulations Valentina! God had amazing things in store for you!

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    1. Thank you my sister! Keep praying for her her and her new transition. Praying for you, too.

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