Three Little Birds

There are God spaces in the universe. The portal between heaven and earth. The Spirit calls to us when we sit in the quiet. Although, I do recognize Him, my Abba Father, in the chaos of a 6 year old birthday, a work conference filled with passionate people, and throughout the busy of the day.

This morning, my precious Pip, the tuxedo cat, ran to my office. He confused today for Monday. I went with him and followed my usual pattern of opening the window for him to feel the breeze. In this moment, I was alone, and I closed my eyes. I felt the breeze on my skin; I heard the birds and a hound dog in the distance; I heard my wind chimes given to me by friends; I heard my husband tuning his guitar downstairs.

Music. Passion. Friendships. Love for God, and this place called Earth that He gave us to enjoy in community.

Good morning, daddy, thank you. I begin to talk to my earthly father who is now with God in paradise. Be still, Anna. Know.

For all the cacophony of thoughts and memories rushing in (something I said I would not do today), my soul work became gratitude work.

My father is the reason I love music so much. His music was a part of my life, and I travelled with him to sing and minister to others who needed to hear love and joy. He loved prayer and God’s Word. I thank Him for instilling these passions in my heart.

I think of a friend. Her first Father’s Day without her daddy. The firsts are the hardest. For some reason, I think of Bob Marley’s song, Three Little Birds. Probably because my friend Whitney sent it to me a few days ago to remind me along with affirming words to lift me. I have a father figure, mentor, Pop Vickers. I remember in my 30s I called him. At the end of the call, he said, “Anna, don’t worry. It’ll all work out.”

The portal between Earth and Heaven will open wide one day, and we will fully know. Our life is but a vapor here. Every moment a treasure, and every action leading us home. The connections between conversations, memories, music, and daily happenings astound me. I often feel the tapestry weaving not only in my soul but before my eyes I see Him. His glory at work. Connections matter. Remember the connect the dots game we would play? Sometimes you could never find the next number and frustration would set in, but, oh the joy, when you found it and made the connection. We experience both in our lives. We know the connection will be made. We trust.

I see you. Every daughter and son’s heart on this day.

My dad wrote a song called Welcome Home. One of my favorites. I had hand movements and would act it out. I did this from my seat at Walnut Grove Baptist Church gospel meeting. A man came over after and complimented me on my “interpretive” expression.


Taking the courage to say something.

Always remembered in a child’s heart.

So, it’s our presence, our words, our life lived out that touches people. You matter so much more than you realize. It is within loss we understand the mystery. It is in living we can keep God’s love present and helping each of us to connect the dots.

Slow down enough to look back and see how the yesteryears inform your present. Know that your future is filled with good things.

A letter from Pop Vickers after reading the post:

Good morning, my sweet, wonderful, beautiful  redheaded child. What a blessing to receive this. I was thinking of my brother Tom yesterday, which of course took me directly to you and your Mama. I miss him. There’s rarely a day there is not something that reminds me of him, which again takes me to you. He was always so proud of you. 

I love you dear daughter. Your words that you write, your love that you live out and share, your renderings of your heart, and your witness for our Abba, gives you a unique and special place in my heart. I’m sure for a lot of others, too, but in our bond, I take great delight in being selfish. Thank you for thinking about me Sweetie. You should always know that you are sunshine in my life. Never allow the clouds or the occasional storms to dampen your spirit. I love you dearly and yes sweet child, everything will work out.

Have a most delightful day, always look up, and always know you’re loved just because you’re you!!

Love and hugs in abundance,


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