Culpeper, VA

I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed going back through the years to see recorded events and adventures. It has inspired me to keep a journal in the category of “meaningful places” on my blog.

We have a beautiful couple we’ve known for years. Watching her grow up and being a part of her spiritual journey, marriage, and celebrations are so meaningful and precious. Their sweet baby was turning a year old, and we decided to celebrate and stay over in their small town of Culpeper, VA.

Many years ago I had visited the area in relationship to my role as a field supervisor. Parish travelled with me and we walked around the town and had dinner. We knew we would be back. Fast forward almost six years, and we made good on that promise.

We stayed at Fountain Hall Inn.

The owner provided a code for entry, and the privacy was terrific! Ample parking and amenities. You had access to the kitchen and the picturesque outdoors. Our room had a sitting area on a balcony, and you could hear the train from the distance. I loved our garden, jacuzzi tub, bath salts, and robes. She does not serve breakfast but provides recommendations for local spots that serve brunch and breakfast items. Parish had run out to the store to get some snacks, so we had breakfast in the room with the things he purchased from a local grocery store–Safeway! Remember Safeway? I sure do! I loved his return enthusiasm when he bought harvest corn decorations.

Although the drive there and home was overcast and rain, we enjoyed the rolling hills, farmland, and unique buildings. I’m sure the sun and colors would be astounding on a lovely day.

We enjoyed an exquisite meal at Flavor on Main. Make reservations! Our first choice was Thyme; however, they were renovating and closed temporarily. I ordered the autumn soup, and Parish and I shared the pickle-fried chicken dish.

The next day we checked out at 11:00. I prefer places that give you later checkout times. We made it work and traveled through two random, unplanned stops. The spontaneity inspired music conversations and remembering our elementary school music teachers. Think back! We both realized their influence on our love for music and how “back then,” you could sing songs like Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, and Joy to the World (Jeremiah was a bullfrog) at 6 years old without a blink! We laughed. Little did our minds know we were singing away about wine and flirting with the ladies.

If you’ve done the Enneagram, you might be familiar with words such as “The Helper” and “The Enthusiast.” This helper led us into a beautiful heartfelt discussion and was promptly coupled with my husband, the enthusiast’s suggestion of putting pennies on a railroad track so the train could flatten them. So we went to the tracks; however, the train did not return in time for us to see the results! We had to scoot!

Each stop brought the person’s perspective about their neighborhood, life, and upcoming events.


They have a puzzle room and a record player room with records to play!


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