4th Annual Ohana Hebb 2022

This year the weather was PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We saw the glorious colors of fall all around us, a family of deer, and birds galore! All of our cabins were on the water and next to each other. I loved that the Lambs were right next to us in cabin 7 so they could run to Gigi and Ace’s cabin 6.

Parish and I went on Thursday evening so we could wake up and be there, shop for food, and start cooking. We knew that cabin 7 would need to be the hub with two picnic tables and a better grill. Parish and I enjoyed a lazy, Friday morning with the sunrise on the water, coffee, and reading. We had lunch at Tim’s and enjoyed a Cesar Salad with Tuna and Oysters.

Friday night was pizza on the grill and homemade ice-cream (pumpkin flavor). We also discovered the stars were plentiful and bright! We showed the grandkids Jupiter and talked about the God of the universe. Spencer Jr wondered where Jupiter went during the day.

We had lunch together at Cabin 7 and everyone brought their favorites. We have three birthdays in October (Anna, Parish, and Linda) so we had a birthday banner and cake. Thank you Spencer and Victoria for the extra TLC. Grandma brings fall gifts and loves on us with her decorating expertise and love for pretty things.

We enjoyed hiking, crafting, and carving pumpkins. At night we make smore’s and eat the leftovers from the day.

My favorite memory was the reading of my dad’s book. Kirstin read as a prayer the poem “Footprints” which is her mom’s favorite. My dad’s birthday is October 23. Carrie also read to Rowan and her family, which warmed my heart. Keeping dad’s memory alive and his love for writing brings me joy.

It’s amazing that many could come this weekend. It was great to see Vivian and Cody and Autumn on the way. College students taking the time to come. We missed you Ali Joy Hebb! You are traveling the world as a nurse. Your mom went to be with you for a few days to celebrate her birthday. She was looking forward to her trip after the weekend. Parish and I came home, unpacked, and packed again for Virginia Beach. I had a conference in which I was asked to present with my good friend and colleague, Alex.

I had to come back and share a funny memory that had us belly laughing. Spencer Junior ran to our cabin so Parish yelled back to cabin 6, “I’ve got Spencer!” Immediately following this declaration, Spencer yelled, “I got Ace!”.

Sunday morning check out comes quick at 10:00. Packing up and leaving is bittersweet. We stopped at Mineral Restaurant for breakfast. A great family restaurant with good home cooking. We packed ourselves in a booth “like sardines” which was fun and cozy. Adelaide asked about the expression and we explained idioms to her. Victoria showed her a picture of sardines. We are so much alike. Every moment a great time to experience life and its meaning.

We’ve already planned for next year! First Landing State Park in September 2023!

Here are a few pictures from Virginia Beach. We stopped at Williamsburg Winery for lunch! A delicious meal and great company! We started planning for Thanksgiving meal and sharing ideas.

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  1. Carrie Godbey says:

    Thank you for always capturing these memories! I loved so many of us going to the playground and seeing these sweet cousins loving each other. It’s so representative of where we are in life!

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    1. Carrie, watching the children play and connect was my favorite, too! I pray they will hold these memories in their hearts and grow to love each other more with the passing years. I love you, Carrie.


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