Carry something beautiful in your heart

I lost a birthday card from a friend. I purposefully did not open the card. I wanted to savor for later. With travel and other happenings, I came back to my desire to read only to not be able to find the treasure. I got up early this morning to cook, meditate, and spend alone time.

One of my first checks in the morning is Pip’s mystery bathroom habits. Yep, there it was, in all its glory for me to clean. Because of this, I was in my daughter’s bathroom. Her counter cluttered with makeup and typical bathroom items. Right in the middle of it all and underneath a hair accessory was my letter. I laughed and said, “So, there you go….”

I see these happenings and mishaps initially as irritants; yet, the older I become I can experience them as bridges to hope. This was an expression in a recent meditation.

“Hope and the Nearness of God” Teresa White

A simple event of a missing card can reflect His glory if we look for them. A child learns to trust through the love and care of their parent. Little things like rocking them, or showing up when they are older at their events. We grow from the little things to understand that God is in the details. Why is this important? When we can carry the belief in our hearts that goodness is there, if I look for it, express it, or become a part of making hope come alive, we can wake up each day knowing that God is with us wherever we go. I go places that are hard. Places that relationships are still being restored, places where I have to trust that God will give me the words and the skills, and places where I’m surprised by great joy and wonder! Hope is not the absence of fear or worry, but the bridge that helps you crossover to faith and belief.

I sent a text to my friend letting her know I lost her card. “What did it say? Was there anything of value in the card? Two tickets to Paris?” She sent a text back that was right on time, and we both agreed that I would find the card at the proper time. And, so I did. In the midst of an early morning time with God, prayers, and clean up, there it was–my bridge of hope.

“In difficult times carry something beautiful in your heart.”

― Blaise Pascal

My mom and I were getting a pedicure together. A woman across from us began chatting with the nail technician. Despite the leading comments from the technician, the woman would authentically return comments of favor and gratitude. “Oh no, I love my job! I get to help people in the hospital get better and encourage them.” This was after she told the technician she was headed to work tomorrow to complete her 12 hour shift. She explained that COVID-19 and the pandemic changed her. She changed jobs and started working in a position to bring joy and encouragement to others.

We live in times of great difficulty filled with loss, pain, and cat poop on the floor. How do we carry something beautiful in our hearts? What does that look for you? What are your bridges to hope? I’m up early for many reasons. To seek hope, Him, and beautiful things. We have to practice so we can “crystalize our longings”.

I start each day asking God to help the words that come out of my mouth speak hope. I want to be more like that woman in the chair across from me. Yet, not comparison, just a notice that her words spoken made a difference. She could have complained, lamented, and started a conversation around all the bad things about her job. I’m sure she is not working in utopia. Today, Lord, help me to love, listen, see bridges, and let go of expectations and control.

Hey you–YOU were created by a God who delights in you. Since the day you were born until the day you draw your breath in heaven you are more than enough. And, although the Bible gives us glimpses of heaven, we will not fully understand what heaven will be like until we get there. I suspect that, even then, God will lavish us with love and say “Welcome home my beloved. I’ve been waiting for you.”

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