Merry Christmas

This year I really wanted to sing a few of my favorite songs. Singing heals me. My makeshift music studio is my bathroom, cell phone, and echo show, Youtube Karaoke. I’m sharing “the first pancake.” I heard the pancake story from Simon Sinek on a podcast recommendation from a friend. Our first pancake is usually not the best. The third pancake is our best, and that’s the one we serve. We often don’t like to serve the first because of our perfectionism. What is your first pancake? Can you relax, sing, and find a space to be okay with serving the first –the one that comes from the energy and passion of “here you go” and “I love you.”

So here you go, family and friends, and I love you. Have yourself a very merry Christmas. Sing with me!

Mary, Did You Know

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I noticed other songs on my Iphone from years ago. Here is Anna, Victora, and Parish singing a small part of I Can Only Imagine. You can hear family in the background. I believe we were practicing for Nana’s funeral service.

Amazing Grace, Anna, Valentina, and Victoria singing at Papa Thomas F. Lloyd Sr Funeral

Lastly, I found Victoria and I singing For Good and I put some memories with the song. I wanted to reflect and remember this Christmas on love.

Same video as above but saved to YouTube if easier to watch. 🙂

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