A trip to D.C. to celebrate 34 years! Some great recommendations.

February 4, 2023, 34 Years


The picture for this post describes our weekend! A magical, golden door opened to our adventure ahead!

Where we stayed in D.C.

Spacious, Stylish, Cozy, Fun Home! Parking, Metro 

We loved this place for the “game room” area! We enjoyed playing board games and ping pong! The owners were attentive, and they gave us a beautiful weekend in their home!

Before checking in at 2:00 (great check-in time!), we had brunch at 11:30 at Old Ebbitt Grill. 

The waitstaff was extremely attentive and made you feel like you were the only ones there. They would ask questions, get to know you, and call you by name. When I posted pictures, many of my friends and family commented on this being their favorite spot. You will have to park in a deck if you can’t find street parking. We ended up in the Washington Hotel deck, which I believe was a little more pricey. Try the deck across the street! Make reservations; they are VERY popular!

We drove to our place and unpacked. We enjoyed the place, watched movies, and rested. That evening we attended The National Symponthy featuring Beatrice Rana on the piano at The Kennedy Center. We dressed up and enjoyed a wonderful evening admiring the gifts and talents of those who bring beauty through music. How fascinating to watch each person individually and how they worked together to bring about a masterpiece. There is always something to watch at The Kennedy Center! A great place to visit. Beatrice Rana was mesmerizing. Her hands floated on the keys. I also adored that she dressed in a sparkling sequence outfit! Bold! Happy! Confident! 

Sunday brought rejuvenation and the challenge to walk to our brunch spot, Farmers Fishers Bakers.

We decided to walk almost 4 miles so we could see the neighborhoods. That was our theme this year to visit different neighborhoods and experience the shops, food, and people. It was a lovely day for a walk, and on the way, we saw many historical places and lovely buildings. We also walked through a local park filled with nature, a creek, playgrounds, and families enjoying each other’s company.  We came upon an ice skating rink and a lovely bench to watch the sun dance on the water. Our mealtime was relaxing and high-spirited. We did not recognize that we had been sitting there for almost 3 hours enjoying the brunch buffet and each other’s company. One of the most hilarious happenings is trying to find the person who had a startling laugh in the restaurant. It ended up being the person next to us, but her face was turned away. We began to chat about one of our favorite TED talks and research on laughter. We left there and decided to walk where our interest took us. We rounded a corner and ended up in busy Georgetown! We felt like Alice in Wonderland. 

We decided to walk the area and then head home. We enjoyed our cozy fireplace, a movie, and snacks later on.

Waking up, we felt the day’s events. Lots of walking and being on our feet made us rethink what we would like to do. We decided to head to Union Market and then to a restaurant with half-off oysters per my friend’s recommendation. The restaurant was a local favorite, with lots of laughter and familiar conversations. I highly recommend going to this restaurant called Pearl Dive Oyster Palace. To get the special, you had to sit at the bar, which was delightful! We got to know the locals and waitstaff. Get there at 4:00 if you want a seat at the bar! Monday is the best afternoon to go, with lots of specials on Oysters and other food. Their clam chowder was divine!

On the way home, we had another lovely brunch at The Silver Diner and visited the Wharf to buy fresh seafood, homemade pasta, and a freshly baked baguette.  Later that night, we made a yummy pasta dish with the best scallops. Parish is truly an excellent chef! 

I’m not sure why it was so hard to think about leaving our time together. It seemed more than usual hard and a longing to slow down time.  I woke the last morning to the sun rising and the mourning dove singing. I lay there in the still quiet of the morning, listening to her. Yes, I hear you, lovely creature, and I feel the same way. Just want to savor this morning moment before all the busy happens. Slow down time. Once the noises of the day began, she stopped singing. Time to move on with the day’s activities. I smiled.

On the way home, we enjoyed an audible book together. Another recommendation from a friend. I highly recommend reading or listening to The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah.

Reflecting on our time, we had an easy pace that we both settled into. Mornings on the patio with the sun shining through the trees brought good conversation over coffee. I found an old book on date nights. It was hilarious to go back over the sheets of paper and date night dares from over 20 years ago. We decided to open another envelope and adapt the date night to our stay. That brought a lot of laughter. We found a memory date night that brought Valentina Parish into our family! We love the book because you can adapt their ideas to your values and likes. Make it your own. 

How awesome our coffee cups were, Mickey Mouse! Our oldest daughter and family were away at Disney. We loved getting videos and pictures. Making dreams come true! Such wonderful parents, Victoria and Spencer.
The backyard is yours! I bet in the spring, the flower garden is gorgeous.

34 years. Here we are, Parish. In our 50-somethings and facing the next transition into an empty nest within the next 5 years or so. No rush. We are just noticing how “things” are different. There is this sense of sadness, like the mourning dove’s song, that wraps around me. There is also a sense of joy and anticipation for the years ahead. At times, we are restless and not sure of ourselves. All the emotions, conversations, and events are what make us Parish and Anna. The couple decided to get married on February 4. We’ve been planning and dreaming since that time. 

I love you, Parish. Be my Valentine…

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