Common things

“The wonder of our Lord is that He is so accessible to us in the common things of our lives: the cup of water…breaking of the bread…welcoming children into our arms…fellowship over a meal…giving thanks. A simple attitude of caring, listening…” Nancie Carmichael

February 9 quote from a long-forgotten “quote calendar” that sits on a desk. I was trying to find another book for an upcoming presentation and found this treasure in the clutter. I love books.

I smiled. It’s my first day back from being away. I left D.C. with the mourning dove singing me awake, and as she quieted, I was reminded that you can’t stay under the covers forever. You get up, face the day, and carry on.

The unusual sunny weather led me outside to lay on the hot clay bricks of my porch. Yes, right there, for the UPS delivery person to stumble on me and wonder if they may need to call 911. I didn’t care. I needed the warmth on my back, the sun on my face, and to breath. Transitions are challenging. One little change in our environment can shift our thinking, and we take notice of “things”. The things we scoot to the side, or pause on.

At that moment, in the distance, I heard the mourning dove sing to me. I was so startled by her song that I thought my husband was making the sound. He knows how to cup his hand in such a way that he can imitate the calling of a mourning dove. He taught my father how to do the call when he was alive. A fond memory. The more I listened, the more I realized it was not him. I closed my eyes and cried. “The wonder of our Lord is that He is so accessible to us in the common things of our lives.”

It’s those small moments of focused meditation and seeking Him that He quietly shows up with a message of hope.

I’m grateful.

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