Deborah House update

Faithful prayer warriors,

A busy day for us all!  It was our second full day with the girls today.  And it was so fun to arrive at their homes this morning where we were warmly welcomed like old friends!!!  They know us now!! YAY!  Lots of hugs and smiles, giggles and grins!  Of course, Lori is returning from last year and many of the girls treat her like the royal princess she is!!  They are so incredibly pleased to see a familiar face!

The teaching sessions went well as we covered chapters 3 & 4 in Esther.  The girls learned the importance of prayer and fasting as we seek guidance from our Lord.  As we talked about how God used Esther and made her queen for “such a time as this”, we asked the girls to think about their own destinies and how God has provided such a wonderful home at Deborah House.  They too may change the course of their lives for good with a hope and a future!!

Following the lesson, the girls made prayer journals.  They each decorated a composition book with pretty papers and embellishments and really had fun with it!  During the rest of the week, we will encourage them to write down their prayers and begin a habit of journaling.  Each team member brought a similar journal that we’ve been using as we prepared for this trip!!  It was fun letting the girls sign our journals and for us to sign theirs, kind of like doing your class yearbook….haha!

Pastor Al spent some special time with Pastor Groza, President of MLI (   They took time with each girl, speaking with them and praying over them!  This is was a great opportunity to touch the hearts of these girls with God’s healing Word!!  Pastor Al was exhausted, a good exhausted, after praying for the very real hurts and needs of these girls.

We had a treat for lunch today!!  Our very own Billy Danny Kennedy made a delicious Jambalaya with tasty Romanian sausage!  Outstanding!!  Several DH girls helped in the kitchen and everyone cleaned their plates!!  YUMMMM!!

Several of us worked on the House Project, painting iron railings on the balconies.  When the upstairs is finished at DH 2, they will be able to house eight more girls!  What a blessing for eight more precious young girls!!

Missio Link International (MLI) is doing such a marvelous work with these girls!  The houses are cheerful and welcoming, the staff at each home is caring and nurturing.  We’ve noticed that the girls look out for each other, especially the older ones looking out for the young ones!  Suzi was playing UNO with a group today and when she tried to play a card that would’ve required the next player to pick up an additional 6 or 8 cards, one of the older DH girls said, “No,no, little one next”  They will sometimes play a different card to help the younger ones stay in the game!!!  So sweet!

Between a trampoline, bandmitton, volleyball, and wild UNO games, we are a tired group tonight!!!  The weather has continued to smile on us with the most gorgeous days….actually reminds me of a beautiful day in southern Oregon, the air feels so good and clear!

More tomorrow! 

Keep us in your prayers!!

“Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men…”  Ephesians 6:7

all for His Glory,

Romanian Mission Team  🙂

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