Butterflies and Princesses

Below is the wonderful culmination of the Deborah House mission team!  As you read, you will feel the excitement, celebrate with successful graduates, rejoice in the healing of one and her new beginning (marriage), wonder about a new beginning for another (a spot opened up for another girl to receive help),and join in a feast, and much more……

Are you feeling called to go?  I love the example she gave of the butterfly!  Where He brought us from, saved us from, is PART OF the beautiful colors of our new life!  Spread your wings and fly!  Display ALL the colors, and give Him the glory great things He hath done!

Bune Zewa from Romania!

I’ve failed to mention that butterflies have been an integral part of our theme this week!  When our final testimony was shared Friday afternoon, it concluded with a reference to how we are new creations in Christ:
Have you noticed how the black that is on the butterfly wings helps to form the design in the wings? Without these lines forming the design. the colors would run together and the wing would not be as pretty.  Therefore the black is a necessary part of the butterfly.  I like to picture my life like a butterfly.  There are some dark areas in my life that I wish I could erase, but without them, God would not be able to mold me into the person He wants me to be….”
Last night we were able to leave a unique butterfly picture, made from jewels, at each Deborah House!

The LORD has blessed our day!  Our hottest day so far (mid 90’s) but these southerners have all agreed that this dry heat beats that muggy Georgia and Virginia heat all to pieces!!!  So we are NOT complaining!
We began the morning with a visit to two Aspiration apartments.  We met 5 of the girls; these girls have graduated from Deborah House and are working or going to college!  Missio Link supplements some of their expenses for a certain period of time and continues to provide weekly counseling and help with budgeting and additional life skills.  The girls attend various churches in the area.  We will see some of them tomorrow morning at Bethany Church. One young woman, Simone, shared that she is getting married next Saturday which was exciting to all us girls…really want to stay for the wedding!  She met her fiance at church 18 months ago and happily shared pics.  This leaves an opening for another Deborah House girl to move in a few weeks from now.  Alina, who will be in our DH pictures, will be moving to Aspirations this summer and she’s excited to be moving forward and trusting God with her future!!  Alina has a smile that fills her face!
We cashed in our American dollars for some Romanian lei’s and did a little shopping after visiting Aspirations.  Lunch at our regular restaurant, Bistra, which is owned and run by Christians.  Wonderful food (mushrooms are amazing!) and the Greek salad with olives and feta cheese, delicious!!
At 3pm we met with the girls at Bethany Church for the movie “A Night with the King”, the story of Esther!  The girls were entranced and enjoyed the movie even as we passed out popcorn and cola’s!!  We then hurried back to the Bistra to finish final preparations for a surprise FEAST for the girls!  Oh my, the table was set as if for a wedding feast with pink napkins and china!  A delicious chicken dish was served!!  But the cake stole the show!!  Two layers with white fondant decorated with pink fondant ribbon and beautiful pink butterflies! And CHOCOLATE inside!!
Each girl received a beautiful t-shirt, cute footies, a Beanie Baby and a lovely bookmark!  Such excitement!!!  Glowing faces!  We’ve learned to share Romanian kisses, left cheek, right cheek  🙂   LOVE IT   Lots of head bumping early on but we’ve got it down now!!!
Thank you for partnering with us and making it possible for us to make this a unique and very special week for the girls!  They were princesses today, in our eyes and in theirs!!!  Pray that they will continue to believe this truth; that truth will replace lies!
“The King is enthralled with your beauty!”  Oh Yes, He is!!!   Psalm 45:11
Praise be to God!  King Jesus, gather Your own!!!
Romanian Mission Team

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